The new logic as laid out by the Obama regime.

According to fake news and ktalk waKandans ati a black shooter can never be a mass murderer ati they have reasons to kill… they are justified in killing by virtue of being black.

Their killing is okay.

Since Obama era there were concerted efforts to erase recent history and reality. In the 1990s we all knew of American black ghettos. We knew of driveby shootings and the thousands of young man who shot each other on the streets of America.

Nothing was hidden. In those days blacks were meffi to the mass media so nothing was hidden. Black shame was put out there. With TV shows like COPS. Every news feature in the U.S opened with a black perp running away from police.

We listened to the rap songs. We knew Tupac. We knew his streets. His ghetto. We watched the movies: Menace to society. Boyz N the Hood etc etc.

Obama then comes in much later and he deletes all that history. :D:D:D

It’s not necessarily him on his own. But the information was suppressed. The narrative was changed to POLICE OFFICERS KILL BLACKS!!

Blacks don’t kill blacks… police kill blacks. Democrat NGOs like me too movement were put in the forefront supported by the liberal media.

What did Obama really do?

Obama was lazy. He didn’t want to solve black poverty, black violence, gang warfare, drugs, illiteracy … so as his legacy project, he went on a campaign to skew the narrative!!!

He blamed the NRA for black problems. Very smart guy. He blamed black problems on the existence of guns.

So today in the media blacks don’t kill blacks any more. Police kill blacks!! Guns kill blacks!!

Even the rap songs changed. The reality on the ground was muzzled by democrats.

Obama simply swept his problems under the carpet.

Then came Trump.

A new narrative was created by the liberal media : The new killer is a conservative white demon!

That’s the guy you should be afraid of, a Trump supporter with a gun.

He kills for no reason at all and he only wants to kill minorities.

Complete bullshit of course. If you live in Chicago you don’t lock your doors because Patrick Crusius is on a role, cruising to kill.

If a black shooter like Dewayne Craddock or Gary Martin shoots people up the media suppresses the story because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The black killer is justified. He has a reason to kill… apparently, he is voiceless… :D:D

What all this propaganda has done is that it has destroyed the truth and black people are in trouble because their real issues have been pushed to the side.

Trump recently shot back at congressman Elijah Cummings and his rat infested district.

But instead of the liberal media highlighting the real issue raised, the real problems of Baltimore the story as usual was skewed to fit the preffered narrative which is : Trump is racist.

Yet again the real black problem was pushed aside by silly propaganda.


Don’t derail the thread just because I have satisfactorily explained your skewed argument from yesterday.

Trump has told you that he doesnt like( want) blacks or immigrants. But you can feel free to keep poxxing yourself on him. Poverty, Violence, drugs are all associated. All stem from the same root cause. Now the black poverty you see is generational. Has existed for over 100 years. You expected a man to come in, inherit a recession and a war and cure that poverty in 10 years? By dishing out dollars, eehh? From his fathers ass. Without “full” control of the Senate.

Let me go deeper. The American music industry is controlled by liberal Democrat voting Jews.

These Jews decide what the whole world dances to.

These guys have changed rap music from the voice of struggle into empty music about money. Birdman, Rick Ross you name them.

The top rappers today only rap about stupid cars, money, silly bullshit…

These liberals have stolen rap music from poor blacks on the streets. Yet another cover up.

Nowadays whites rap!!

The top acts today are white. Iggy azealea, Post Malone etc etc.

The truth about real blacks, real black problems has been quietly covered up.

The man could have tried. Instead of playing basketball he should have shut himself in the office like Mr. Kibaki and JUST TRIED!!!

Obama knew why he was elected. He knew!! We were all watching and cheering that finally one of us has reached.

But like comedian katt williams said recently tutafanya nini, maybe we expected too much from the man. We forgot he was just another politician and not one of us.

Try? According to your definition. And very cliche. Specify what you think he should have done or tried. Should he have given every black family $20,000 a year? You very well know laws prohibit you tendering aid on basis of race. Hell, even affirmative action could not withstand a Supreme court challenge. Did you ever hear of Obamas community college plan? Or does that not qualify as a way to solve black poverty?

How comes all my threads get derailed into other topics? The thread was about U.S shootings and the propaganda therein.

Sasa wewe unaleta a whole new thread.

But anyway. Of course no one expected free money? Why would you insult African Americans like that… ati they elected Obama because they will get free cash?!!

People are not dumb. The whole world supported Obama because he was a breathe of fresh air… a fucker that preached about change.

Kumbe the change meant bombing Arabs…

African Americans thought that maybe he could stir new ideas as concerns the age old problems in their neighborhoods that you have spoken of.

The black people of Detroit thought that maybe he could stop white flight and at least try to bring back car factories ; but instead today it is Trump the white devil fighting tooth and nail to force companies to come back and create jobs!!

Fine, the community college plan is an excellent plan. You have two years of college as a black person but still no money to proceed to a four year college and complete your degree.

There are still no jobs for you in your community after you leave with your community degree. And it’s not like community college was out of reach before for blacks. It was still there.

But ukimaliza your two years and you have a slight criminal record, no one will hire you. No bank will give you capital to start something.

Leta project ingine ya Obama.

I havent derailed anything. Its all related. Ati bring back car factories? By decree? By while you are on that line, who bailed out the car companies?
Also say what you wanted him to do, to eliminate that poverty. You havent answered that.

I thought it was Bush who bailed out the Auto industry starting in 2006 then again in December 2008 with $17 billion.

Well enough if Obama followed up with more billions… and were those billions meant to trickle down to blacks or B were these monies meant to assist GM officials to keep their hefty salaries?

I’d go with B coz Detroit blacks are still broke and homeless.

The cash saved the companies. And kept hundreds of thousands in employment, up to today. But answer the question, what did you want Obama to do to eliminate black poverty ( since you claim he was lazy).

To eliminate poverty? Obama had the much praised recovery act. but it was too little. The money was not enough to change much.

Personally I support measures that not only support poor people in hard times but completely change their lives.

Yaani mwaga pesa mahali kabisa afadhali uchukiwe kabisa as Rais ama upendwe kabisa.

It is better if Obama had built a single Dubai rather than a slight tax reduction in poor people’s taxes because that is what the recovery act was.

By a single Dubai I mean create a model black community be it in Detroit, Baltimore , Chicago, L.A. with excellent housing, roads and what have you.

Yaani a real project. At least that would serve as a model for future presidents.

It’s like Uhuru who has good Dubai plans but the problem is he has a thousand Dubais going on at once.

Yaani he could choose one and do it perfectly e.g he could say I will focus on water dams. I will leave Kenya well watered.

But no The guy has unfinished rails… he has unstarted housing… he has unfinished dams… he has Galana Kulalu… he has unfinished expensive ports… he is being robbed and has a project to end that… etc etc

Similarly Obama could’ve chosen one Dubai project. And he knows his Dubai project was black folks.

Ang’eng’ane nao 8 years afadhali achukiwe na whites. Apigane na drugs like a warrior. If it means dragging people to rehab… jailing or killing every major drug dealer, and we know he can kill…

Yaani afanye kazi bila uoga. Kama amesema ni guns just tell people to bring those gums you will pay them. Mchome hizo guns kama ivory. Yaani motivate people to do it, because he had a sweet tongue.

Don’t cheat the people you know you can fight NRA.

Hizi ni vitu common sense bana hata wewe unazijua.


With what funds? And I thought we moved away from segregation. And is this all?

What in the world do you mean with what funds? He is the president of the richest country on earth!

Na hakuna mambo na segregation. You know who lives in poverty stricken areas of the U.S sio ati hujui. It’s mainly minorities. There are a lot of needs there.

And dont act as if you are not impressed by my proposals. You are just standing there in your corner defending a lazy man because he is from your home area.

Obama could’ve done more, period!!

@Simiyu22 hata wewe ukabarikiwa ukuwe President utaanza excuses za peni mbili?

Then why did you want the job?

Sijui there’s no money. Sijui I was elected leader for all so I will only help all… who are these “all” !!!

You are certainly not helping the likes of Trump, he is already super rich!!

Why not help those who need help?

Don’t defend mediocrity.

Who gives him the budget. Will(would) they give him money to be a property developer now. And segregate communities in this day and age? And did he have control of congress( I suggest you read about the fillbuster rule before you answer this)?

Who is segregating which community?

If you specifically build a black community, that is segregation. By the way another of his achievements is the affordable care act. It was meant specifically for minority lower income people. Another big help to the black community if you consider it in wholesome.

Clearly you are not reading my lengthy paragraphs. Like I have repeated TWICE , twice : you know very well who lives in poverty stricken areas of the U.S.

There is no law in any katiba on earth that prohibits a president from bringing maendeleo to poor neighborhoods in his or her country. So wacha excuses zako.

Obama was around when black families were losing homes due to foreclosures. He gave trillions to investments banks and nothing to his own people. … ZERO!!

People were thrown out like dogs.

Unamtetea nini? Congress kitu gani?

The man was in charge of the country. He could’ve done something if he wanted.