The new iPhone 13 - is it worth it?

Memory 4GB RAM 128GB
Main camera 12 MP
Selfie camera 12 MP
Battery 3240 mAh
USB 2.0
No memory card slot
No 3.5mm jack
No Fm radio

Cost Ksh 130,000

Iphone sells a brand before they sell u a phone. Be wise and go for one plus 9

X all the way to 11 would serve you okay with much lesser price tags, almost half the above amount for the 11 and 3 times less for the X!

OnePlus 9 is really good, a Flagship, and a unique souvenir!

Iphone is built on consumerism and middle-class tomfoolery. Its designed specifically for people who want to show other people that they have arrived. There’s nothing an iphone can do that a mid-range chinese smartphone kama oppo cannot do, save mayb for taking slightly better photos. But kama uko na 120k+ to waste then by all means get one

There are things the iphone can achieve that other phones cannot.

But 99% of buyers do not need those features and would still enjoy using a 30K phone. If they wanted.

Problem is that this phone is used to demonstrate class especially in kenya.

Fűck apple and their products. Mnanunua jina. Better Android you can get better features. You can customize ringtone too to your favorite tune. Apple lazima ununue takataka zao zote. They make them at like 100$ in china then mnauziwa 1000$ . Wezi sugu. Meffi. I will buy a kadunda before i but their crap

Apple is a marketing company… not a phone manufacturer

Name just two, and let it not be gimmicky features that add no value to your life

If you’re a vlogger you know that besides the professional Sony Xperias (with a steep filmaker mode learning curve). No phone with give you better focus when shooting videos than the iPhone. This is really important and not gimmicky because you can run an entire vlog using the iphone alone. There are many professional YouTube channels with many followers that shoot entirely with iphones. The Galaxy phones, Google phones, oneplus and other flagships will not allow you to shoot highres videos with a consistent camera focus. And people get bored with videos that have items consistent out focus. Also other flagship Cameras struggle with artefacts especially when shooting 4k/60. In short iphones are extremely good when it comes to videos … if you want to shoot Dolby Vision HDR you don’t have alternatives really. Samsung will claim they can shoot 8K but it just doesn’t cut it.

  1. Security. These are the most secure phones. They are not foolproof but no Android phone comes close. Ask drug traffickers what’s their phone of choice… either mulika mwisi ama iphone nothing in between.

You asked for two I see.

Samsung all the way…hizi brand zingine apantambua.

One MAJOR advantage iPhones have is the extremely long periods their devices continue being supported by security and software updates, and sustainable performance their devices continue to have years after their release. If iPhone 13 is too expensive, iPhone XR is still a good device. Hell even iPhone 8(plus) is still very good if you get a good refurbished unit.

musisahau iphone ecosystem

kama wewe hapana technical literate, unaweza ssh into your linux from android ukikaribia home server yako simu inaconnect na kubackup photos to cloud ama nfc your phone to your tv or tablet etc, afadhali iphone.
no configurations no nothing.
unaambiwa tu tap here, click here, swipe here etc. na kila kitu inaongea na everything else

And what exactly can an iPhone do that other phones can’t?

IPhone sells the brand, nothing less. It’s all about making money so if you want to keep the Apple engine running, buy their products. And just how foolish do they think people are? Selling phones now in smaller boxes with no charges "to reduce the carbon footprint " yet sell you a charger separately. Makes sense? And just think about their eco system, everything is a monopoly system. Hell even their Bluetooth is proprietary. It’s all about showing off, oh I have an expensive phone, an iPhone. so no it’s not worth it.

yaani some people defend iphone even when its 100% certified useless.Apple manufacturers also know this.For best quality go for samsung ingia pale youtube watch all reviews samsung comes out top. Iphone is for people trying to boost self esteem issues.

Reminds me of the windows vs Linux wars. Iphone may be secure from external attacks, but it’s just like a prison. Those inside are tightly controlled. Those outside, well, cannot penetrate into it. Prison.

hmmm… does that prison analogy apply to marriage? :slight_smile:

:D:D let’s not read too much into it. For now. :D:D

Unless you jailbreak your iPhone, it’s just a useless piece of shit