The new DiscoverySVX

It seems the Indian owner of Land Rover is actually improving on the brand and not just milking it.

Engineered for epic adventures. #LandRover #DiscoverySVX makes its debut at @iaamesse. See more: #IAA17 #IAA #SVO
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That car does not look good in person. It is also downsized, probably size of kluger.

Nothing beats the old box shape D3. Despite not being a reliable vehicle it had the looks.


It is nice, but overpowered, it is like a toyota prado with a v8 engine

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Looks like Range Rover and the Discovery TD6 had sex and gave birth to this.

The rear lights Range Rover-ish


This one is inspired by range rover evoque.


ile ya Muthaduro ni gani wasito

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ilikulwa ikazaa hii!!!

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I dont understand hoe landrover manages to make such ugly rear bumpers,the should have stuck with design ya range sport ya 2008 or nothing too different

It’s beautiful

Niuzie leo nimepata change.


I think they’ve lost the distinct Discovery look and turned it into another model of the Range

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Ain’t no such thing as too much power.


My dream car :cool::cool: But for now I could only afford secondhand cars. Try to check this page guys they have good quality and cheap secondhand cars

I hope this car will finally stop owners from becoming mechanics & broke peasants.

unfortunately looks is what landrover invest on. reliability is crap

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