The new 2023 BMW




Iyo gari ni Sura mbaya, iyo wire mesh yote hapo mbele?

What happened to BMW’s design language?

Whatever happened to the iconic designs of the E30 and E39 era?

They’re picking bad designs venye Nas was picking bad beats before he got with Hit-Boy!

Hii gari ni kali sana ndani. I saw its review pale carwow. But I agree that the exterior is hideous.

They were hitting design corners that hadn’t been filled. Those unfilled zones no longer exist. That is, there’s no design you will come up with that hasn’t been tested.

Hio sura no sawa wadau.

Which design corner jameni? Just coz a ‘corner’ hasn’t been met doesn’t mean that that you should meet it, just because…



Too much grille

Inakaa Subaru hizi mpya ama Toyota crown

The only BMW i can look twice is X6.

I prefer the 2017 design. 2050 :smiley:

Wasee wanawika design language tafuteni madegree. The design language is a response to the Chinese market which no manufacturer can afford to ignore. Nyinyi kwanza mnanunua magari makuukuu wacheni kelele za design language.

Gari sura mbovu sana

I only like the shape of 525i, this one looks like phantom.

Soon watu watakuwa wanaendesha elecric grill on wheels

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Sawa @Karoga but that car got a face only the mother could love.

Hio ndio gari makena anaweza ingiza gear Kwa mkia bila lube

Hio gari headlights ni Chinese banae…