The much awaited grade three national assesment by KNEC

Project work :Cleaning the market(12/07/2019-13/09/2019)
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]your children are cleaning dump sites without proper safety gear

The teacher is supposed to take a pic of every kid doing the task, print it then place it in the individual portfolios

It is a very useless thing.

That’s a very good start they only have to provide for gloves and other clinical wear that’s needed.

In Kigali it’s incumbent to everyone that they set aside a day for cleaning the town.

In Uganda they used to call it Burungi bwe ensi, all citizens would gather and do cleaning. They even had a subject Kama P.E where ni kushika tools na kupiga works

this is what we used to build

It’s kinda pointless to do this if they’re just collecting them in a corner and burning them…

Whats not going on hapo kwa mlango ya halele, watoi wanataka kufagia jaba ndani ya kibanda …


without safety gear you might as well infect the child and wait for the diarrhoea to begin

This is the foolishness with CBC. Some bureaucrats sit in an office and then come up with absurd ideas.

A child that i have sired hawezi fanyishwa hiyo upuzi.Since when did pre teenage kids turn to raw sewage cleaners. Under these circumstances this is text book child endangerment.

They should be cautious with that cleaning, but it is a good way of telling guys to stop dumping and clean up their surrounding. Dump knowing your kids will clean it up

What if my Kids are in class four? What if i dump after september? I’m sure folks at KNEC used your logic to come up with these things. Ati, let a child brush his teeth and then upige picha. Our literacy levels are going to sink badly. Reminds me of the whole word reading strategy that was introduced in the US by bureaucrats and imposed on the teachers

you are narrow minded, to you the only kids you care of are those from your testicles

If you cared about my children, you would not throw rubish around because you would know that it would harm them. But since you only care about your own, you are only worried when you know that it is YOUR child who will pick them.

:D:D:D hii Ni CSR initiative ya private schools kujustify that part of the school fees you pay is given back to the surrounding neighboring community. Wata Weka Hizi photos kwa brochures zao ndio usione school fees are expensive after unalipishwa 40K per term for a std 1 pupil :D:D:D. How to easily exploit Hawa Middle class entitlement Chieth

WMaybe these people don’t take their kids to our schools , how do you expect them to care , similar to how politicians have 4 bodyguards , landcruisors, fueld by us and firstclass flights and go to hospitals overseas … How and why would they give a f*ck about the state of your schools & hospitals ?

watu wazima watupe takataka, then kids come and clean up while they are just sitting watching, then afer the kids leave they will dump more garbage hapo inje ya their business premises.

Lakini watoto wasifanyishwe hio kazi, its too risky - let them clean the school compound and their classrooms

GrAde 3 CBC assessment says CLEAN THE MARKET.

:smiley: kuna watoto watapelekwa to a mall to clean for that assessment.

lakini if that is part of the assessment projects, its absurd, mimi sija ambiwa by the school that my kid will be taking part in one - let me wait and see, come to think of it I doubt they teach that cbc thing in that school, have never been asked to print something, or take a photo of my kid cleaning or something like that, maybe the implementation is school dependent.

Las Las Kenya is a real village

As i have pointed out in another thread, we never like to interrogate issues.
For instance, grade 3 assessment includes environmental science/activities.The kids are supposed to do an activity involving environment.

If the teacher decides to take kids to dandora dumpsite with no proper precautions, do we blame a curriculum that teaches environmental safety wich we obviously ignore?

Kids from UK come to Kenya to do social work, etc but we don’t vilify them coz there are organized. Imagine if kenyans knew how to conserve environment at that age!
The hustle of cleaning up imparts decipline and concern.Wengi wetu ata hatujui kutupa takataka ovyo ni makosa, get schooled by CBC.