The Most Incompetent Barking and Noisy Governor

[SIZE=6]I’ll stop investing in ‘dirty, smelly’ Malindi, warns billionaire Flavio Briatore[/SIZE]

Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore will sell his luxurious properties in Malindi if the “dirty, smelly” town does not improve.

Briatore, who owns Billionaire and Lion in the Sun resorts, warned on Wednesday that he will not invest until changes are made.

He noted investors are frustrated by poor roads and the stink due to uncollected garbage.

The businessman said these have affected operations, as most clients complain, yet authorities are not doing anything to make the Coastal area clean and more attractive to tourists.

“We are tired of complaining,” said the investor who has been on holiday in Malindi since December 27.

“The town is very dirty and smelly and its roads have many potholes. Why isn’t the county doing anything to attracts tourists to the resort town which is a major tourist destination?”

Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore at his Billionaire Resort in Malindi town, Kilifi county, with one of the senior managers, Janaury 3, 2018.

In an interview at Billionaire Resort, Briatore noted nothing has changed for more than 10 years and that development has also been affected.

“Investors do not go to dirty towns,” he said, adding visitors “get fed up after five minutes because of this”.

“We need confidence to attract investors. We came back to Malindi but nothing has changed. Roads have potholes, the town is still dirty. In another 10 years we will be forced to close shop or sell our properties.

“Coast is a disaster. The roads are terrible … the big issue in Coast is hospitality … nobody wants to invest … we do not know what will happen in two years.”

Briatore wambie !!! , pia mimi nikona ka shamba hapo mambrui hapo malindi na sisi ma investor hatupendi uchafu ! I too might boycott !

At a Mimi Niko huku kwa joho, sultan of garbage, every 10 metres unapatana na mlima ya takataka ,juu imesprinkle-iwa na mkojo kama salad.

Just saw that ms Nautica imedock and nikakumbuka uchafu iko pale kwa hoho nikajua hakuna hopes .

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mbeberu asikuje kutututisha kwetu ama arudi kwao zimbabwe , umbwa yeye

Usafi ni muhimu lakini ajue sisi Kenyans hatupendi vitisho kwanza kutoka kwa wabeberu

Wait until cholera strikes and everybody in both national and county government will flinchingly hoodwink the voters, while none cares because none will notice.

I saw on Twitter by KTN that there are cartels dumping trash in the middle of Nairobi CBD at night.

hata mimi niko na shamba kando ya Vasco Da Gama Pillar na nimeboeka na hiyo uchafu ya Malindi

Si Iyo Flavia Briatore ni mmoja wa ile Corleonesi Mafia ya Italy wenye husmuggle Diamonds Kutoka Zimbabwe,SA,Namibia na Angola?

Huyo ni moto wa kuotea mbali pesa inaangushwa Kenya Kutoka Bahrain na ma private jet KRA haiwezi hata fikia

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Na si juzi tu nimeskia akisema atauza hoteli yake atoke Kenya kwani kulienda aje

Hiyo addon iko na shida but we are trying our best to find a fix

wah… this is serious

Why don’t they team up with the county government and help improve the town? Don’t know why he’s complaining Italy is just as filthy…

Like for starters, he helps the county buy beach cleaning machines and they remove the rotting seaweed and garbage that washes up on the beaches.

Secondly, he can bring investors from Italy and he forms a trash collecting company and makes money picking up trash.

Isorait bora Baba Tibim! Who cares about stinky garbage or potholes??! Canaan Express!

1.Joho is a billionaire pharmacist.
2.Joho is paid billions by the Kenyan taxpayer to do the work of a governor. All he does however is go to Diani Hotel to eat mandazi and tell the world how he’s going to secede along with that other village madman, Kingi
3.Briatore already ‘helps’ the county government by paying taxes and rates. How incompetent are they really?
4. Joho the birrionaire ameweka pesa ya kaunti kwa ile salon ya Malaya wake pale Kilimani kama hukujua.

Malindi is in Kilifi County