The mighty wall has finally been defeated



Uwesmake awesmind

Zero chills… Men should stop rewarding kungurus with marriage… Stupid white bwoy issa bout to learn a very expensive lesson.

hizo manyan’gau zenye zilikuwa zina suckarisian Artur mpaka aka mwagaeirian hazijazaa na ziko 45years?

Kweli wanaume wanashida… Haka kamuhindi kamerandaranda mbaka kameisha sasa kuna ndugu hapo ataendelea nayo…

Even his face reads stupidity

Why do betas like rewarding women’s bad behaviours?

Mashoga Going Their Own Way wacheni wivu.

Its called the Rationalization Hamster. Women are pros at that. They will rationalize why they were sleeping around mpaka uingie box, baada ya hapo ni hekaya. Give this negro just one or two years ujioneee, u cannot domesticate a wild bird whose dopamine receptors are used to bad boy thrills

Hehehe wanaume ni kusaidiana aisee

Banaa Hizo ghassia zote Margaryan alitomba zilienda barren Kama @Nefertities

the wall is very real but the damage impacted on young girls won’t be undone anytime soon. soon Caroline mutoko will also get married.

To some rich young confused boy with those age is just a number quotes, na hadi aandikiwe wedding vows na mutoko mwenyewe … Shiet… Who bewitched us… And that’s supposed to be love?

This further proves; even for die-hard feminists, marriage is the greatest achievement in a woman’s life.. Ati they don’t need a man…

The only way alpha male anaweza pata slices

A women’s biggest fear is getting old and infertile without anyone ever promising her everlasting commitment on the altar. A man’s biggest fear is dying a virgin beta.

The wall is relentless and undefeated…beta males don’t count as the prize!!!Huyu ni wa “kushikilia”,as she searches for the ultimate Alpha male prize.

They didn’t say that they did not need men. Hio ni yako. They need men to lift heavy objects, repair stuff and for their kids to call daddy. That’s why it’s such an achievement. You get an all in one utility at your disposal.

There’s something that I don’t understand about your rage. Like if you have decided to go your own homosexual way why are y’all so bitter and busy looking who is doing what and then start bitching. Why all this bitterness? Misery sure loves company. Now if they don’t break up as you are praying they will, you will commit suicide? You people are gae. Hii jealousy is like ile ya I wish he married me instead. Si you marry each other to make sure that there’s no men left to reward Kuguru bad behaviors. Pole Lakini. They’re off the market but gae community is growing. Some one will replace him usiskie vibaya. Aki woiye. Hebu bring tissue huyu jamaa anataka kulia.

Unfortunately that’s what has happened to her… Old and unable to prove her fertility as she’s hit those menopause years… Sorry to say but the fellow will be buying an old useless donkey.