The Mermaid Theory

This is the theory by Barney Stinson that a woman, no matter how ugly she may seem at first, will eventually look beautiful to you if you see her more often. She will then turn ugly again after dry frying her…I think its so true…i can relate


haha aki tena… inakuanga kama mashetani :smiley:

I call that the inversion and i have also noted that the opposite happens to a woman when you dry fry her, atakufeel zaidi.

Dry spell is a major catalyst, unless you are Team kawasaki loyal…

a woman’s beauty comes from inside, not the physical features…she becomes more beautiful the more she “feels” you…

We need to conduct a fundraising for old monkey and hire for him a hoe atleast aone what a vagina looks like before azeeke

I must experiment on this…sounds interesting

hiyo ni ukweli kabisa, after dry fry, unajuuliza ulikuwa unaaanya nni huko

Saa hiyo ameshaa kua na emotional attachments…hata ukienda atakutafuta.

hiyo ni yao emotions ni state of mind ukilenga atajua hakuna kitu hapa na ajitoe,shida inaingilia ukianza ku entertain too much rematches,hit and run and forget