The media covering the fake Jan 6 MAGA event and totally ignoring this reality.


[SIZE=6]A lot of them are BLACK. Could be Nigerians, Haitians, Cubans…[/SIZE]



buttco putting on a brave face… meanwhile on the ground

United Slaves Of America have little choice but to be third class citizens

Mbona unaiba picha ya @Eng’iti akilia?

Omondi I thought you were a bit original unlike the thieving kinyozi from Ruaka who loves stealing memes and gifs.

Jana ulisema that you somewhat believe in the Creator and that he gave the land to the Aztecs. You called Him Enki.

As the Creator and OWNER of all creation, he can as well give your land to someone else if you displease Him.

For instance these Meso-Americans or Indians have always fought each other since the beginning of time. The Mayans used to sacrifice the smaller Indian tribes almost decimating them entirely. I am sure you have watched Apocalypto and Revenant.

Even today they can’t live in peace as brothers. Shooting each other, chopping each others heads off with machettes and power saws. I am sure you have watched their videos on gore sites. From Brazil, Mexico, Belize, Colombia etcetera.

You called this creator Enki or Ngai. Ngai atachukua hio land na apatiane kwa wengine coz you are incapable of living together as brothers and sisters. That is what He did to the Indians U.S and He will probably do it again to the current inhabitants if they proceed as they are proceeding. The ending of Apocalypto is very accurate as the Spaniards arrive on the beach to take on the brutal Mayan warriors.

Enki has done this many times before even to His chosen people the Israelites when they routinely disobeyed Him. He took their land and gave it to others.

Hata mwili ya binadamu ni yake. That is why He takes human beings. Juu hio mwili na soul sio yako, ni yake. It is made from the earth which also belongs to Him.

The Kikuyus and Kambas have a saying that goes, huwezi uliza mwenyewe ile siku atakuja kudai mali yake.


Sasa tuambie story ya White Jesus and White angels, Santa Claus



Also tell us about Where Santa Claus is mentioned in your Storybook


Yesterday you mispoke. You revealed too much.

Now we know you just like to troll and pretend to be atheist. Probably wewe ni SDA nikikuangalia hivi.

I believe in Enki but not in Jesus and his business partner Santa Claus who commercialized his purported Birthday