The meaning behind the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom

The reason why whites are the supposed master race is because belief in a monotheistic god was necessary to focus and clarify the mind over hundreds of years but ironically this overshot it’s mark with the Age of Enlightenment that saw the decline of Christianity throughout much of Western Europe. Similarly this is why Asians despite having a higher intelligence on average than whites have largely only been been able to adopt European technologies since as you can imagine worshipping a pantheon of gods or ancestors as is the case with Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism results in confusion tele while Jews naturally control the world seeing as Judaism is much older than Christianity.


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White ppl got the concept of modern religion from Khemet …explain how jesus & moses story are in older religions in egypt & mesapotamia… Enda research urudi

Sorry to say Christianity, Judaism and islam are just a conglomeration of older religions and along they way they added and dropped them to fit their liking Judas had a book it was dropped , there is a book on the earlier life jesus )he was quite the scoundrel pushed a boy of a roof killed him and brought him back to life ) the Nicean Council decided all this and also decided if to go the monotheism or multi gods option , in the old testament you can tell moses was referring to a multitude of gods depending on his circumstance

Ngai cia Baali nĩ ciamenyire nĩwe mũthamaki
Rĩrĩa mwarĩ kĩrĩma-inĩ igũrũ
Wacinire igongona rĩa Elijah na mwaki mũnene
Anabii othe a Baali ũkĩmatinia mĩtwe

Nĩ mĩhianano ĩrĩkũ ĩngĩigananio nawe
Ĩngĩigananio nawe ĩtiirie hinya waku
Ngai cia Ndagoni ciaunĩkangaga icunjĩ

Bonobo I’m referring to the utility of Christianity not it’s authenticity - even if it’s 100% made up hekayas

He is talking about God not religion.Religion ni siasa,pesa, competition na ujamaa

The answer is Jeremiah 33:3 where God says he will show you great and mighty things unknown.

Remember the fallen angels taught daughters of men many things.

He build the whole world,Also, God’s idea of good and not evil is actually like a natural law like any other hence when he says don’t covet your neighbors wife…you might be killed if you do,she might be accused of infidelity etc

All in all , the african religious spiritual system is much older than all of these . The spirituality our ancestors had was powerful coz God was presented as one with nature , some bantus like kikuyus asked animals for forgiveness before slaughtering them , sheep were nt to be slaughtered without a reason , also the direct link to God without brokers & middlemen meant that their relationship was binding

Usisahau before martin luther translated the bible huko sijui 1500 BC from latin , the suffering dirty poverty stricken mzungus were told only what the church crooks wanted them to hear , I haven’t even mentioned the council of naecea also choosing what everybody shld read & they heavily corrupted the bible for ulterior motives …so why shld we even trust the other crap in these religious texts then…the concept & of these foreign religions is soo flawed

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