The matter core issue

Nilijua some idle nigga ata click hii akiona “matter core”. Matusi pia inakubalika. Acha niende hivi nitakwom mabadae kusoma comments.

Your attempt at being funny…[ATTACH=full]249524[/ATTACH]


kenyatalk has gone to the dogs because of people like Naughty Stick who contribute nothing to society

At least you get credit yourself for enlightening folks of thousands of brothels in town.
how positively good of you
Shame on you

Am sure such shapes exist only in artist’s mind in reality most women who are laterally endowed are vertically disantvantaged and often times have a wanting intellect. Those whose posterior abilities look exotic have very poor frontal shapes and the sizes of the anatomical organs of pleasure fall far much below the specifications. Otherwise this is a good attempt by the colour artist!