The matiangi law....

CS Matiang’i orders County commissioners to ensure “Lotto Machines” in all centres/towns of their counties be eliminated as the machines have distracted students from learning.

Similarly, he has ordered school heads to ensure school buses are painted YELLOW within one month. At the same time, he has ordered County commissioners to take control of movement of the buses that school buses should only function 6a.m-6p.m.

he needs to be guided by the constitution when giving out some orders like eliminating lotto machines is not his mandate


The standard colour for a school bus is yellow. This was long overdue. About the slot machines, boys and young men have become lazy thus terming us as “Slay Queens” because they can’t fit our standards. Betting won’t bring “Ugali” on the table. Hustle and keep hustling and I will respect you however little you earn.

There are court orders declaring the gambling machines illegal

Matiang’i is just a zealot, he rarely gives a well thought out explanation to a majority of his actions, he needs someone do PR exercise for him while he works.

He doesn’t need to. A minister makes policies. Most technocrats have no time for useless PR and Board room negotiations. If a job is to be done then its done and done properly. We have become a generation ya kupembelezwa

Mwitu, terming instead of taming wakwitu.

That is the standard ana set.

I was typing while walking. Ferk AutoCorrect

You need the goodwill of the people you are working for otherwise your policies will yield nothing, that is why some good projects just fizzle out despite the potential benefits, it has not begun with this generation, it has been the case all along.

Very true. More so if your leadership is wanting. Matiangi comes across as a serial wanker with no skills.

It has messed me a few times.

The challenge is, not everything can be up for deliberations and buy ins. You will never move. That is why even Presidents have an avenue where they exercise executive orders without going through Parliament etc. In Kenya currently what we need urgently is a sober Judiciary.

Ni lotto ama lottery/slot

A good Shepherd needs not his sheep’s goodwill :D:D:D

Wacha uone wajinga wakisema Matiangi for president

Can a curious mind ask what your “standards” are?

Reminds me, recently someone contrasted how girls puff and prat themselves to hoodrats pimping their rides… thoughts?

I agree, betting is degenerative addiction. Anything that is dependent on luck is for the weak minded. I’ve always held the view that Kenyans are awestruck by things they don’t fully comprehend before proudly adopting them.

Gambling machines damage communities where they are installed, and are generally installed around communities where certain vulnerabilities have been identified; hooking the people into repeat betting.

The machines should never have been permitted, they make communities poorer. When students become addicted to gambling they will drop out and start to steal to feed the gambling.

He makes the impression that he is all brawn and no brains. Many times he will issue threats or resort to sarcasm veiled with threats (again) when asked a question of public interest.