The Maize Milling Business Guide

Do you want to start a Maize Milling Business? Unga wa ugali?

Then get this 85-page guide which contains:

  1. Overview

  2. The Opportunity

  3. The Upcountry Choice – Case Study

  4. Case Study - The Choice of Nairobi
    The Advantages

  5. Target Market
    Keys to Success.

  6. The Product
    Product Details.
    Wholemeal versus Sifted Flour – The Realities
    Product Details: Packaging

  7. The Market Analysis
    Industry Outlook.
    Barriers to Entry
    Maize Consumption in Kenya: Some Figures
    Maize Consumption by Region
    Maize Consumption by Urban Center
    Trends in the Maize Flour Business in Kenya

  8. Key Customers
    Customer Profiles
    Lower-Income Consumers
    Middle-Income Consumers

  9. Competition: Description and Comparison.
    Case Study: Millers & Brands
    Brands: Some Images
    Fast Selling Brands – Nairobi.
    Brands by Strength
    Brand Strength: Shelf Space
    Brand on Shelves: Positive Traits
    Brand on Shelves: Negative Traits
    Existing Brands: SWOT
    Marketing and Sales Strategies.
    Maize Flour: Consumer Expectations
    Miller to Consumer Chain
    Distribution: Retailer
    Generating Demand: Two Methods
    Sample Advertising Rates
    Retailer Brand Choice: Quality
    Quality: Retailer &Customer Opinion
    Quality: Broad strokes

  10. Availability
    Retailers: Stocking Independent Brands
    Retailers: Willingness to Stock New Brand.

  11. Pricing
    Retailer Distribution: Things To Think About
    Retailer: Sales Averages
    Retailer Stocking: Margins
    Sales Process Flow
    Retailers & Consumers: Choosing Your Brand

  12. Production Plan.
    Production Flow
    Milling Equipment
    Notes on Equipment
    Milling Equipment: Factors To Consider
    Non Milling Equipment
    Equipment: Possible Set Up
    Equipment Suppliers
    Premises: Design Concerns
    Possible Layout of A Maize Mill
    Premises: Extra Renovations
    Raw Material Requirements

  13. The Maize Value Chain
    Value Chain Notes
    Shelf Life
    Basic Staff: Basic Structure
    Basic Staff: Advanced Structure
    Staff: Possible Roles
    Support Services

  14. Licenses

  15. Packet Design
    Trends in Packet Design
    KEBS Guidelines on Packaging
    Packets: Observations.
    Packet Design Process
    Cost of Packets
    Packet Design: Factors to Consider
    Packet Printing: Some Companies
    Barcode Providers

  16. Revenue
    Cost of Maize
    Cost of Sifting the Flour
    Cost of Packaging
    Cost of Distribution and Marketing
    Revenue: Total Cost of Producing a Packet

  17. Production Planning, Management, and Miscellaneous Tips

  18. Questions to Ask

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Maize milling in kenya is getting saturated fast. You really have to move volumes to remain significant.

Sure. The small and medium millers have come in strongly. Still, there are pockets of opportunities. Bigger challege is sometimes not market but milling competitively .