BY 27th dec everyone in mah circle knew that i was travelling to the city of lights yani kwa matawa , as we in the ocha called nyairobi.
our local shopkeeper mzee kijana told me of his ventures as a hawker in the streets of nairobi mentioning names like kwame nkurumah road, ronald ngara street, koinange street then pauses and tells me "nyairobi shierro iria ciekuo tiga tu {translation- too much ass in nairobi }. i surely was heading to the promised land , land of " milk n honey ".
The big day came , that was on 2nd jan, i set my kabambe phone to wake me up at 3 a.m ili niondokee na pickup ya mzee kijana ikipeleka maziwa githurai, the pickup usually departed gatanga at 4 a.m so that by five thirty a.m iwe pale githurai round about .
as for me i was at mzee kijana shop by 3.30 a.m assisting farmers pack the blessed milk in the pickup, by blessed i mean babtized milk yaani maziwa kama ni lita twenty , five litres ni maji na 1 litre blueband , kwani watu wa nairobi wanadhania sisi watu wa shagz ni ma shagzmodos tu tuwauzie maraaa{intestines} tuwachwe tukihagaika na ni sisi tumetuera …forgive me for using german english promise to use simple english…
by 4.20 i was squeezed at the back of the pickup with jerricans of milk on my way to nairobi . it was so cold but i didnt care about the cold weather si bora nifike nairobi, we passed kirwara , then gatunyu . i didnt wanna close mah eyes as i wanted to see the entire journey , on our way to thika past jogoo kimakia we met some traffic officers wakatumulika na matorch before been handed kitu nono . i wished to see thika town but to my surprise if you are using the famous thika superhighway the only close thing to thika you can see is the bluepost hotel and chania river and a couple of hawkers selling pineapples along the way before u pass Tibs college .
the driver mzee kijana was stepping on the gears like kwaga fata hehehehe , i saw myself driving it in my imagination now that i was to enroll for a driving course . anyway by 5 a.m tulikuwa tushafika githurai, i heard inaitwa forty four au forty five . after alighting i assisted offload the milk jerricans to waiting traders in githurai market, kumbe maziwa was hotcake here . in thati minutes we were done . mzee kijana wished me luck before driving off back to gatanga leaving me stranded in githurai stage.
i didnt tense as i had my mobile phone intact with kshs 30 airtime to call aunty shiks and alert her where i was and what next. my phone was a neon kicker zile za safcom , i secluded myself from the busy crowd to a corner and called her . point to note i had overheard githurai is known for pickpocketers so i had to be extra careful. anty shiks told me to panda a ma3 wanishukishie konjaa. woiiii sasa konjaa ni wapi but mimi na ujuaji wangu siwezi shidwa . in few minutes i was inside a ma3 sema ngomaa kuchuna , maposters nazo, cctv nayo damn this was the city of lights ,mahewa kupewa if E-sir was still breathing angesema mahewa tupewe kabisa . in the ma3 I Sat next to a gorgeous lady , well blessed with thighs inside her tight jeans , chest nayo waaaaah , as i tied my safety belt my hands touched damn thighs aki ya mungu this was nairobi .
the traffic was jammed but we still made it to konjaa . for the 1st time in my life i set foot in nairobi, i felt like neil armstrong stepping on the moon only to realise it ws just a piece of rock floating in space not the too much hyped shit . but here it was real everyone busy minding his business tall buildings all over , nyasi ya kidero along the pavements ,wow i was in the city . i called my antii again and she asked me to pick a motorbike to kamukunji as she had already opened up her shop " ambia msee wa nduthii akuletee KAMAUKUNJI TRADERS COMPLEX opposite kamukunji police post " she hanged up.

in as a short time i was in kamukunji , this was the chinese town of kenya , all types of culterly , carpets , plastics and everything you use in your home comes from here alafu mbele kidogo ndio hiyo gikomba .
she was so happy to see me , that day i assisted her in unpacking new shipment of shoes that had just arrived together with her workers in a store behind her shop.
“aki your aunty is wealthy”
this were the compliments i got from her workers kwanza there was this worker a kamba , very energetic the size of randy orton who seemed very charismatic and in full praise of aunty shiks , got to understand his name kioko . he came to nairobi in 2005 after completing his studies , he ventured in the ngomee industry {ngomee ni zile viatu hutengenezwa na tyres mzee } , but in 2010 he got a job at my aunts shop . wow God had blessed me with a good aunt.
in the evening after closing the shop i packed my bags in the bonnet of her machine , a V8 , A machine like no other , and guess who was also her driver , yes u guessed it correctly it was KIOKO mwana wa kivetiii kuna vyenye they teased each other along the way the chemistry was but do i say aunty shiks was married to a police inspector based in kahawa sukari so no way …stupid thought…

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