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        i just finished my form 4 at karigurini BOYS school , the year is 2017 . i had anticipated to score a good grade but matiangi results were a big disapointed the leakage i got from my gaL fwd in karinga gals was all fake , i ended up scoring a strong D- Like willy pozee but abit stronger kuliko ile ya johoree 001, but i had hopes si  hata joho ni gavana na waigu.... ni gavana , but we all have to begin somewhere and thats where my story begins .
    its the aftermath of christmas eve and after munching chapatis , nyama choma, mitungo, maguarana chini ya mAji with my naughty cousins it all came to me i had to look for a side hustle as i await to join a technical college hata kama ni nairobi aviation au gakuyo technical and thats where i confided with aunty shiko .
aunty shiko was the queen of slay mamas , having made it in the world of business in kamukunji , rumour had it she was importing all types of  assorted chinese shoes ranging from the famous makanyanga, to men and women rubbershoes. she bragged on the phone how her container worth 10 million was awaiting clearance in the port of mombasa and how she bribed them 500k to clear the cargo chapchap. damn this damsel was blessed and lucky , BUT AS 4 ME the only thing i could clear was the cowdug in our only cowshed every week else i be deported to be a hawker in nairobi .
 "macharia , what have u decided to do with your life now that u finished form 4 ?" antY asked me .

"nafikiria kufanya driving na computer antii " i replied plucking a piece of grass stalk and started chewing it witing for her reply.
“i have an idea why dont u accompany me to my place or still come on 1st jan 2019 i enroll u in a driving school in ruiru” she said holding my shoulder .
“aki anty shiks u are one in a million.” i said giving her a hug , her huge boobs pressing my flat chest . felt so warm enclosed in her arms .
antiii shiks was born in early 70’s but she maintained her body , i bet she used to hit the gym weekly coz if asked one would say she just turned twendi fae.
she gave me a G , {1K} to travel to her place on 2nd jan , and damn i was one lucky fella . i tried to imagine how nairobi looked like , the SGR , the monuments in nairobi, nairobi river, the hot slay queens of nairobi , the sheng uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wacha tu. i sure had to polish my ocha broken swahili and kikuyu.
i joined my cousins , kina kabuda , wawesh and njoki all of us raised in the rural gatanga in a place called kihoro , one km away from dunyu ya chege and told them of my awaiting journey to the land of gavana sonko and waititi and they asked me to remember them in my quest to seek education n money , but deep inside their eyes i coulD see they had a big kiwaru of jealousy and wivu, but bahati ya mwenziwe usiilalie hehehehe fuck the methali idont know it.


BY 27th dec everyone in mah circle knew that i was travelling to the city of lights yani kwa matawa , as we in the ocha called nyairobi.
our local shopkeeper mzee kijana told me of his ventures as a hawker in the streets of nairobi mentioning names like kwame nkurumah road, ronald ngara street, koinange street then pauses and tells me "nyairobi shierro iria ciekuo tiga tu {translation- too much ass in nairobi }. i surely was heading to the promised land , land of " milk n honey ".
The big day came , that was on 2nd jan, i set my kabambe phone to wake me up at 3 a.m ili niondokee na pickup ya mzee kijana ikipeleka maziwa githurai, the pickup usually departed gatanga at 4 a.m so that by five thirty a.m iwe pale githurai round about .
as for me i was at mzee kijana shop by 3.30 a.m assisting farmers pack the blessed milk in the pickup, by blessed i mean babtized milk yaani maziwa kama ni lita twenty , five litres ni maji na 1 litre blueband , kwani watu wa nairobi wanadhania sisi watu wa shagz ni ma shagzmodos tu tuwauzie maraaa{intestines} tuwachwe tukihagaika na ni sisi tumetuera …forgive me for using german english promise to use simple english…
by 4.20 i was squeezed at the back of the pickup with jerricans of milk on my way to nairobi . it was so cold but i didnt care about the cold weather si bora nifike nairobi, we passed kirwara , then gatunyu . i didnt wanna close mah eyes as i wanted to see the entire journey , on our way to thika past jogoo kimakia we met some traffic officers wakatumulika na matorch before been handed kitu nono . i wished to see thika town but to my surprise if you are using the famous thika superhighway the only close thing to thika you can see is the bluepost hotel and chania river and a couple of hawkers selling pineapples along the way before u pass Tibs college .
the driver mzee kijana was stepping on the gears like kwaga fata hehehehe , i saw myself driving it in my imagination now that i was to enroll for a driving course . anyway by 5 a.m tulikuwa tushafika githurai, i heard inaitwa forty four au forty five . after alighting i assisted offload the milk jerricans to waiting traders in githurai market, kumbe maziwa was hotcake here . in thati minutes we were done . mzee kijana wished me luck before driving off back to gatanga leaving me stranded in githurai stage.
i didnt tense as i had my mobile phone intact with kshs 30 airtime to call aunty shiks and alert her where i was and what next. my phone was a neon kicker zile za safcom , i secluded myself from the busy crowd to a corner and called her . point to note i had overheard githurai is known for pickpocketers so i had to be extra careful. anty shiks told me to panda a ma3 wanishukishie konjaa. woiiii sasa konjaa ni wapi but mimi na ujuaji wangu siwezi shidwa . in few minutes i was inside a ma3 sema ngomaa kuchuna , maposters nazo, cctv nayo damn this was the city of lights ,mahewa kupewa if E-sir was still breathing angesema mahewa tupewe kabisa . in the ma3 I Sat next to a gorgeous lady , well blessed with thighs inside her tight jeans , chest nayo waaaaah , as i tied my safety belt my hands touched damn thighs aki ya mungu this was nairobi .
the traffic was jammed but we still made it to konjaa . for the 1st time in my life i set foot in nairobi, i felt like neil armstrong stepping on the moon only to realise it ws just a piece of rock floating in space not the too much hyped shit . but here it was real everyone busy minding his business tall buildings all over , nyasi ya kidero along the pavements ,wow i was in the city . i called my antii again and she asked me to pick a motorbike to kamukunji as she had already opened up her shop " ambia msee wa nduthii akuletee KAMAUKUNJI TRADERS COMPLEX opposite kamukunji police post " she hanged up.

in as a short time i was in kamukunji , this was the chinese town of kenya , all types of culterly , carpets , plastics and everything you use in your home comes from here alafu mbele kidogo ndio hiyo gikomba .
she was so happy to see me , that day i assisted her in unpacking new shipment of shoes that had just arrived together with her workers in a store behind her shop.
“aki your aunty is wealthy”
this were the compliments i got from her workers kwanza there was this worker a kamba , very energetic the size of randy orton who seemed very charismatic and in full praise of aunty shiks , got to understand his name kioko . he came to nairobi in 2005 after completing his studies , he ventured in the ngomee industry {ngomee ni zile viatu hutengenezwa na tyres mzee } , but in 2010 he got a job at my aunts shop . wow God had blessed me with a good aunt.
in the evening after closing the shop i packed my bags in the bonnet of her machine , a V8 , A machine like no other , and guess who was also her driver , yes u guessed it correctly it was KIOKO mwana wa kivetiii kuna vyenye they teased each other along the way the chemistry was but do i say aunty shiks was married to a police inspector based in kahawa sukari so no way …stupid thought…

episode 3 loading

niogezee volume au niseme kama stevo simple boy tuwache mihadarati

Aunty shiks lived in kilimani, the famous kilimani known for kilimani mums. yah i was then to reside in kilimani few meters away from the famous church mzee moi used to attend sunday service , AIC church karibu na gymnasium .
The homes compound was a spectacle to behold, well trimmed grass, a swimming pool , beautiful flowers ungethania uko disney land and a parking space which had 3 vehicles, a nissan pickup, the V8 KIOKO mwana wa kivetii parked next to a police grandtiger that belonged to antii shiks husband . if this was not state house allow me to call it white house in kilimani.
That day the supper was awesome so awesome to describe here coz whatever was prepared by Mwende the 23 year old maid was what she used to learn in utalii college , she had perfected the art of a cooking . everyone complemented her cooking i even recall aunty shiks husband mwangi saying her meal was super awesome only for auny shiks to give him that look “eeeeeeeeh sifu tuuu”.
their kids too seemed to enjoy the meal, they were blessed with twin girls , shannel and jackline 15 years old attending an international school doing a curriculum called GCSE , whatever that means , so simply i cold call them my cousins , very hot cousins now that they had started growing boobs and hips had started to expand . i even recall after kioko parked the V8 on his way out when shannel was closing the gate he kept glancing at her as she swang her small ass kushoto kuli, kulia kushoto, damn shannel was blessed. i even felt my prick misbehave .
I was the story teller in the table room , as i narrated to them different stories ranging from how to pick tea leaves, how makoboki tea factory had failed to supplement us with fertilizer last season etcetra . the whole family seemed to love me . after supper Mwangi suggested i join rocky driving school in town the next day and he gave me 24k for the full course , he also suggested after the classes which would usually end at 11 a.m i could be coming back to the house and assist in simple chores like trimming the compound and other basic chores a house boy would do. "aki watu wenyu hawawezi kusaidia bila wewe kulipa in return " i said in my mind as mwende showed me my quaters , a small cubicle karibu na gate.
the cubicle had a bed , a 32 inch plasma tv, a woofer, a small table and nice curtains. kweli nilikuwa nimefika canaan ile raila alikuwa anasema .we entered with mwende inside the cubicle as she oriented me around as directed by mwangi.
the plasma tv was not just a tv it was connected to cctv camera inside the compound and outside the gate , this would help me monitor the compound at the comfort of the cubicle , nikufinya tu remote to see every corner of the house. the next day she was to show me the entire compound nikitoka classes.
about mwende she was this yellow yellow kamba , with a nice figure as in nice supporting document yani ass , a nice chest and a baby face with a scar at her left cheek . i asked her about the scar and she seemed to froze in fear forcing her to sit in my bed holding her cheeks with both arms. seemed something horrible had happened to her au alianguka akiwa mtoto ?
"ni aunty shiks alinikata na kisu ile siku niliwakuta kwa bed na kioko , akaniambia nikitomboa hiyo siri atanifuta kazi au aniitie mugiki wanikatee kichwa ". she said wiping her tears .
i too froze in fear but in disbelief if aunty shiks ws capable of such acts , i dont know what happened but i found myself seated to her , her head resting in my chest as i consoled her.
yenyewe shetani ni shetani too, as i held her my hand stretched to her boobs n i carelessed em slowly , i could feel her heart beating fast, sijui nilipata wapi courage ya kumwambia i will protect her incase of any danger from my aunty.
as i touched her boobs i felt her hand unzip my savco jeans and reach for my anaconda , the way she massaged it was so nice hakuna msichana yeyote wa gatanga alikuwa n search magical touch.
i felt like telling her to stop as this was my 1st day in kilimani na tayari baraka zishaanza kuninyeshea anyway i removed her blouse , then unzipped her bra , and beautiful pointed boobs sprang out slapping my face, her breathing intesified as my hands pulled her skirt up to her waist as i pulled her to sit legs apart in my lap. i pulled the pantie aside and fingaad her and damn right the pussy was on fire n tight , using two fingaas i spread her pussy lips apart to make way for my anaconda, the pussy was wet already na mtree iliingia nyweeee , though she moaned “toa toa inaniumisaa machaaaa” . been the gentleman i am i entered her slowly then out , slowly then out till she caught the rhythm ,“WELCOME TO KILIMAANI” I FELT the warm pussy welcome me . whoever said kambas are good in bedmatics wasnt wrong this biatch alispell jina “C-O-C-O-N-U-T” yote and i could tell with how she swayed her hips forcing me to explode inside her before she finally spelt “N-U-T”. THat was the fastest yet most enjoyable quicky i ever had in years , the last time i had that was in 2014 when i did my class eight with my English teacher madam rachael a story for another day.

"MWENDEEE, MWENDEEE, UKO WAPI " , fuck shanell was outside calling her , she dressed up quickly giving me a kiss on the chic before moving out using a small door behind adjacent to the perimeter wall. i opened the front door to meet shannel who asked me kama nimeona mwende , told her nikama alirudi kwa nyumba amwagalie kitchen and thats when i was in for a real shock…

part 4 proceeds shortly

Shannnel seemed to stare at me in shock, like she saw a ghost au wale warogi wa ukambani. but her stare was beyond my waist , i looked down and wtf , mwende had left me hard just one shot n my adrenalin had hyped up.
“aki cuzo ni nini ?” she asked pushing me back in the cubicle closing the door n leaning on it with her back .
"eeeeeeeeeh, eeeeeeeeeh " was lost with words , what do i tell her ?
i dont know where she got the courage au ni adolescence , she approached me and grabbed my cock then whispered in my ear .
“its either u give me what u just gave mwende our maid or i tell dad what u just did ?”
so the little brat was peeping through the small window that wasnt closed for approximately 3 mins.
"but shannelle wewe ni cuzo , cheza chini ". i tried using the nairobi street sheng to get myself out of the situation .
"machaaa ukicheza nitashout niseme unataka kunirape, leta iyo mhongo hapa ".
this was just like a movie scene or a movie series i compared to the famous one MOnEY HEIST. I had to come up with a plan . and alas i had to use plan TeKERENYA.
I lifted her up , and she wrapped her legs round my waist her hands too around my neck like a romantic movie scene i had seen in you tube . i kissed her passionately as my hands lifted her night dress exploring the springs of eskalebete eskematakolicious . her breathing changed as i lay her softly in the bed reaching for her tender soft virgin boobs . i sucked the nipples biting teasingly , then whispered to her ear " shannell all this is for you not mwende ".
i pulled her panty to her knees then slapped her pussy lips with my shaft …i dont know why i love slapping pussy lips but the facial expression a lady gives turns me on byaaad…
"cuzo sukuma yote ndani " she cried
i had to punish her for been a bad gyal. she had emulated my youthful days
lemmi flashback kidogo
before my kcpe ilikuwa principal wetu wa ndakaini academy .tuliendanga fun day Nakuru as a school kufika huko kila mtu akaanza kujibamba .wengine wanacheza games wengine ni kubanju so for me nlikuwa rende ya kuwa cheerleader.i had just turned 13 n in class 8 , So after a couple of hours nkaanza kufeel headache nkaenda kuuliza princii kama kuna painkillers .akanishow ako nazo kwa gari yake . So boychild nikaandamana na princii hadi kwa gari.Sema madam kuvaa kamini na kameiva niaje .mi kuona hivo ujinga zangu zikanishow usiache hii kitu …so i took a leap of faith …nkamguza kwa thighs and looked her in the eyes nkijue either I’m in trouble or I’m gonna hit. Lucky me kumbe alikuwa amenicrushia she started kissing me … haha aisee Mans D got hard …i lifted her mini up na nkaskuma thong kandonlisugua princii hadi akaniinamia…

back to the story …
i undressed the young teen completely and let her lay on her stomach, placed a pillow under her pussy meaning her ass was raised up as if ascending to heaven, i swear she had a good tender ass unlike that of the mboch. i spanked her with a slippers lightly, twa, twa, twa, …moans …twa ,twa , twa.
"machaaa unaniumiza "
"shurrrrup bitch " i said pinching the ass then using my hard mtree to spank her lightly .
“shannell , have u been a bad gal ?” i asked authoratively.
"yes Chaaa, punish me with your mjulubeng "
hehehe wat the fuck was a mjulubeng , anyway i removed my jeans completly and lay on her back lady to do it doggy style when suddenly we heard a knock on the door .
“ko,ko,ko,ko,” the knock .
“shssssssshssssssssss, vaa nguo pole pole utokeee hiyo back door nijue ni nani” i told her as i too crept under the bed to pick n wear my jeans .
"sorry nakuja nilikuwa nimelala tayari " i talked in a manner suggesting whoever was knocking woke me up from a big slumber , yawns,…“kidogo nivae slippers”
shannel had already ran through the back door so the coast was all clear .
i opened the door and guess who it was . aunty shiks husband sir mwangi .
"shika hii torch incase stima zikipotea u can use it to locate the generator behind your cubicle of late kuna rationing mingi sana hapa kilimani " mwangi said handing me a torch .
“sawa uncle , your place is lovely , i appreciate for the 24k , wont disapoint you”.
i said , before he tapped my shoulder reassuring me i was in safe hands as i prepare for my future , if only he could read my mind , i’ve been in their homestead in less than 5 hrs and already had banged their maid mwende and nearly banged their beautiful naughty daughter shannel …woi nani aliniroga …
"good night uncle " i closed the door placed the torch juu ya meza n threw myself in bed staring at the ceiling trying to understand the turn of events.
dont know how but i soon fell into deep sleep to be woken up the next day by honking in the gate , piiiiiipiiiiii, piiiiipiiiiiiiii.
fuck it was already 6.30 a.m . i opened the door and the morning sun shon on my face nearly blinding me , i regained my focus and kioko was the one honking i open the gate for him . he had come to pick anty shiks . kioko arrived in an uber went straight to the parking lot where auntie shiks was waiting for her and in a short time the whole family that is auntie n the daughters left in the v8 , UNCLE mwangi had left at 5 a.m… damn rich people keep time unlike we the poor n broke mutherfakas…
this only meant one thing it was me n the maid left in the premises.
after they left i went back to bed to be woken up by a knock at around 9 a.m .
"machaaa amka ukunywe chai, siutachelewa kwenda driving school ". it suddenly dawned on me i had completely forgotten about that.
chapchap i was in the table room , as mwende served me chai ya maziwa , sweat potatoes yani gwacii and some eggs , bet she was feeding me like a bull so that we can finish what we had started the night before .

chapter 6////written by +254710627478//////macharia wa kamau/////
subtitle : maid vs houseboy saga

after serving me breakfast now that i was a member of the loyal and she had to submit to me else i get her ass kicked out, in our family tutihakagwo macoro …{translation in our family we dont entertain nonsense from non blood} .
i followed her to the kitchen and as she washed the dishes her ass sway side to side , kwanza the moment she was scrubbing the sufurias i felt my mjulubeng tell me “kamau neke kwiyoha na jamuuu” . infront of me was the naive maid from kathozweni wrapped in a leso , with certain swahili writings " CHEZA NA MIMI KIUNO KINA KAZI YAKE" damn this bitch had wrapped that leso on purpose . dont know what came to my mind , i unzipped my zip and the cobra sprung out ready to spit . and there she was as she bent over to pick more soap in the sink i came from behind making sure she felt how hard my cobra was .
" aki weuwe kamau " she tried to push me away by bending her ass unaware my hands had found their way inside her pantie, i pushed it aside n without notice katoto kaliisikia iko karibu na uterus .
i even found myself singing as i licked her ear
"eti , jiregeshe nikubebe mgongoni, yielewe,
nikundekeze nikutuzee " fuck the song i pumped the shit out of her hadi akaangusha thermos ya chai chini kwa tiles .
“machaaaaaaaaaaaa, utaniuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she screamed .
but i could here none of it .
kama njiwa i had to pump her 70 tyms ajue mimi ni yule harmoniz alisema beiby danciii kidogo. there was a moment i spit some saliva in my hand wiped the cobra kuongeza grease n nyweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee muhongo ikawa inasugua hiyo clit desighn mbaya before i exploded deep inside her . she kissed me in exhaustion . i could tell she loved it rough .
damn i was in the promised land canaan .
it was kendo 10:30 a.m when i left the premises after promising her i would be back with a new thermos asifutwe kazi juu ya kuvunja vunja vitu au ikatwe kwa mshahara.
i was living large in nairobi , i used my neon kicker by downloading an app from play store and ordered an UBER, to drop me in town so that i could enroll in a driving school either ROCKY or AAA .
kufika town i thought why not tembea tembea kiasi nijue mji i still had time coz it was around noon .
the city was busy n hectic as usual . just as i was about to cross the road karibu na national archives hapo tom mboya , i saw a group of people gathered around some guy who was shouting " bahati ni yako leo , kosa uchekwe ".
mimi kama macharia sijawai pitwa na chochote nikasongea pale kwa umati .

…allow me to breath in and out before i narrate to you what happened …

amidst this small crowd , there was a guy playing with 3 cards placed on top of a big carton plate.
"hii haikuli , hii pia haikuli, hii yenye HeArT , NDIYO inakula " he said .
he shuffled the cards , and only an idiot would fail to notice the winning card.
mimi na kiherehere yangu i pointed the winning card , and true when he turned it over it was the card with the heart .
the crowd clapped for me , making me feel like a hero hata hiyo statue ya tom mboya bet ilismile kuona mimi si born ochaaaa.
the guy then shuffled the 3 cards again n as usual
"hiii inakula, hii haikuli, hiii haikuli , nikichanganya changanya , changanya na tena nichanganye nataka munionyeshe yenye inakula , mimi niko na elfu tatu hapa , nionyeshe yenye inakula pia wewe nauwekelee elfu tatu " he finished
3 ladies staked the 1st card , 4 guys mid aged staked the 3rd card , stupid niggas were they blind out of the 24k in my pocket i took out 3 k n staked the 2nd card .
“hayaaaaaaa, wacha tuone nani ameshinda ?”
he turned the 1st card and the ladies cash was gone, same as the 3rd card meaning the remaining card was the wining card yes the card i had staked my 3k . everyone commended me how i knew the card . i was 3k richer …kumbe life in the city was this interesting.
the mixmaster of the cards then shaffled the card then asked eachperson to stake the highest possible amount he could stake , one lady staked 12k for the 1st card , 8 dudes 3k each for the 2nd card …i had always dreamnt of purchasing a samsung galaxy and here the chances of wining were all clear n open , without thinking i staked 26k on the 3rd card meaning i was to win 52 k …
the 1st card was overturned n the lady lost her cash n walked away in shame.
the 3rd card was overturned na kufumba na kufumbua it was not the wining card , nikasikia kajasho kembaba kameremka kwa mtaro ya rasa hadi kwa kisigino …
"wathiiii makarao " one dude shouted. ile carton ikapigwa teke 5 ft high in the sky , kuangalia nyuma 2 guys were running towards us nikashidwa nifanye nini mimi huyo mbio sides za nyamakima , nyuma yangu the two guys yani makarao wako na mimi hapa kwa hapa , mimi huyo chini side ya luthuli nikashika njia sijui napotelea wapi , kwenda kupita chum flani nikapigwa sweep sijui ilitoka wapi , kumbe nilikuwa sides za grogorn nikaanguka kwa mtaro imejaa used oil , hata wakungoja nipumue wakanifunga pingu . “nyangau nyinyi mnachezesha kamaree hapa nairobi eeeeeh” kofiiii twaaaaa . wakanipeleka kona flani hapa nikajitetea na ile thao ilibaki wakaniachilia . swali kuu ilikuwa nirundi kilimani au nitembee hadi kamukunji kwa anty shiks …

part 7 loading

written by macharia wa kamau

I opted to head back to kilimani , a good samaritan in grogon gave me a used overall since my clothes were all went , ungeniona ungethani i was just like the mechanics over there.
i chose to walk back to kilimani though it was quite a distance. in a short time i was there , i used my extra key n opened the gate then to my cubicle where nilioga passport na karai , kwa wale mnapenda maji passport is that type of bath u wipe ur armpits with water and wash your head simple.
i relaxed in the bed for a moment trying to recount the events that just transpired since i arrived in nairobi in not less than 60 hrs . i then had an idea why not borrow mwende the cash before my aunt hears of the story that i lost the 24k they gave me in a gambling game. i decided to walk to the master house , i checked in the parking and a police cruiser was there , that was weird what could uncle mwangi be doing at home at 4.30p.m that was so early for a civil servant to be at home, i only expected mwende as the rest were either to be in school, kamukunji or busy arresting some ninjas in kayole not here .
the front door was closed so i decided to use the kitchen door behind , as i passed mwendes window i had giggling and chuckles as if there were two of them , i guessed it was a maid from the neighbours house but i was to be in for a big surprise , on reaching her door i peeped through the key hole and nearly fainted , uncle mwangi was busy servicing her from behind , ilikuwa doggy style , she screamed calling him sweet names like "maima , tomba mimi kabisa " kidogo "wamaria ingiza yote , kupumua tena “wachilia hizo fundamentals ndani”.
damn the bitch was enjoying contrary to the story she had told . i had to think fast, i took out my neon phone , erased all videos n pictures i had downloaded from p-rn sites meaning i then had free 1gb space to capture the moment thru the keyhole.
they then fucked again for 30minutes and even gave him side B Which he seemed to enjoy the most, such a wicked girl kufunguliwa booty na inspector .when they were done mwende was given a lumpsome amount of cash which she placed in her bra . i tiptoed back to my cubicle without the couple realised i ws there …its then that in thought of plam PEKEJENG



Nîatîa Macharia.?

Kwani ilikuwa sodom and gommorah or why was everyone in that family that horny?
Sio baba, sio mama, daughter, maid, male employees, and a one day visitor?
How many Sti’s were going around in that place?

Ich vermute dass du hast kein arbeit

I guess you blackmailed mwende and got back your cash and slices or both and you went back to driving school before anyone else noticed.
Usipost ingine.