The Luo council of elders have asked a question.

[SIZE=5]By now I believe that all of us here, we are all aware that Barrack Obama is a homosexual … right?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Unless someone has a question… alright …moving on.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We are also in agreement that Senator Barack Obama is [SIZE=5]married to a man called Michael Obama, si ndio?[/SIZE][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]We are also aware that homosexuality is very rampant in Nyanza region hence the spread of HIV. Fishermen like @Swansea disappear for days looking for the elusive kamongo fish… while in reality they have parked the boat far away from prying eyes and are shaking said boat very aggressively while whispering hoarsely, “Omondi sika mimi visuri nisianguke ndani ya maji nimeswe na omieri!”[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=7]With all these gay guys, who will marry our girls? Luo elders ask[/SIZE]

By James Omoro[B]Members of the Luo Council of Elders address journalists in Homa Bay town[/B]

Elders in Nyanza are scared that women from the region will soon lack husbands.
This comes after a section of the media reported rising cases of gay relationships in the region.
And now, the Luo Council of Elders want this foreign culture stopped.

The elders, led by retired chief John Owidi from Homa Bay County, Otho Deya (Homa Bay), Peter Nyangaga (Kisumu), Ariko Adoyo (Homa Bay) and Oyugi Gari (Migori), called on the youth to uphold high moral standards in the area.

They said that homosexuality is against cultural practices of the Luo.
John Owidi noted that the vice is causing societal moral decay and unprecedented population decrease.

“Everybody knows that sex should be enjoyed in a marriage between a man and woman. Nobody will give birth in a homosexual relationship and this threatens the perpetuation of family lines, hence our future,” said Owidi.

He called on teachers and religious leaders to be wary of the vice and discourage youth from falling for homosexuality. “These problems start when children are in school, hence I urge parents to work hand in with teachers in moulding the behaviour of children,” he advised.

The high number of homosexuals have necessitated the establishment of an NGO to cater for the welfare of gay and their medical needs.
The Men Against Aids Youth Organisation (MAAYGO) runs an exclusive clinic for gay and lesbians in Kisumu.

Records at the clinic shows that there are 3,500 gays in Kisumu town alone. There are also 90 gay sex workers operating from two male brothels in Kisumu.

Nyangaga blamed the “moral decadence” to failure by leaders to sensitise the youth on morality.
“The community today is affected by several social issues not limited to homosexuality. I call on religious leaders and elders to join hands in fighting the vice in society,” said Nyangaga.

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