The Little Birds are here so.....


…no excuses KDF. Let Al shaitan suffer

How many billionaires were created, in the tendering process ?
Lakini ni poa, the volume of flight hours will increase.

I wish to own one of this, is it fuel efficient like 1.5l engine :smiley:



@spear leta uhondo.

Halafu 3 weeks later waseme, “three of the birds are not working they are being used as the source for spare parts.”


Are you really convinced that All shabab exists, in the way it’s reported on Kenyan TV? Get wise.

I wish you were in West Gate that very day ndio useme huu upuus

It’s a deeper game than people sitting in a desert and deciding to come and take people hostage in another country. As far as I’m concerned, Westgate happened to justify KDFs stay in Somalia.[SIZE=1]lol[/SIZE]

Al shabab is for real, hakuna conspiracy theory hapo. They hit madobe home turf kismayo sometime this year. Suicide bomber in truck, takes out the security at the gate, then gunmen went inside the hotel and slaughtered 30 civillians. Dusit was just reoppened juzi juzi after shiny eye shaitan killed people there.

I am not disagreeing with the fact that they are real. All I’m saying is they behave like hitmen meant to destabilize a place for someone else’s economic gain.

Security starts with me and you ,ama namna gani. Nyumba kumi

100% true. The fuckers are being used by somalia telecommunications companies to destroy/bomb kenya telco masts close to somali border.