THE LIST: 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Arrogant And Difficult To Deal With

[SIZE=6]THE LIST: 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Arrogant And Difficult To Deal With[/SIZE]
March 06, 2015 at 08:29

They are abrasive, arrogant and snobbish. They are the celebrities who roll like immortal gods while the rest of us are just glide as mere humans. They ride on pre-constructed lanes and won’t hesitate to shove you aside if you try to come close. ‘’They have reached’’ (wamefika), or so they believe

Celebrity divas, both male and female, are nothing new. Although a lot of celebs try to pride themselves on being humble and down-to-earth, there are others that just don’t care… Whether they are ignoring fans or not talking to fellow stars, these celebs have really ruffled some industry feathers. These are the 10 celebs who may have invisibly branded the word “brat” before their name.

Larry Madowo


The week before Valentine’s Day, Ghafla’s Sue Watiri decided to an article about what various Kenyan Celebrities would be doing on the overhyped day of love. With a blend of excitement and enthusiasm, she hollad at Larry Madowo. Little did she know that she was about to be shot down like a US Marine Chopper on Pakistani airspace. No sooner had she coughed a word than he said, “I am not a celebrity. I am busy too. Have a good day.” Then he hung up.

You should have seen the look on Sue’s face as she continued clutching on her phone in disbelief.

Caroline Mutoko


Her persona is riddled with outbursts and meltdowns. Let’s just say Caroline is an expert at going irate. She just doesn’t tolerate people that are ‘nobodies’. According to popular opinion, she is tough to interact with and talking to her makes you feel really intimidated. Recently she threatened the whole world by saying nobody should call her ‘Caro’. Whoever you are, simple refer to her with her dual nouns – Caroline Mutoko. Get that?



Octopizzo likes ‘catching feelings’. He blocked me on Facebook and Twitter after I wrote two bad articles about him. And it doesn’t end there. Rumor has it that the rapper turns down shows all the time. What else? 90% hip artistes in Kenya don’t like him. They all feel he became too arrogant after he broke out and began wearing shiny clothes and multi-colored sneakers

Huddah Monroe


While Team Thirsty sing nothing but praises when it comes to Miss Njoroge (Huddah), people that have tried to interact with her say the complete opposite. Despite being a socialite, she isn’t that social. She has even declined all interviews from us despite the fact that we are oligopolistically responsible for raising her star status. The only time we came close, her list of demands stretched so far, being so absurd that there was no way we could accommodate her.

Robert Alai


He’s the jatelo that clobbered a City Council askari the pother day. The fierce blogger has been spotted sitting alone at several events including Gor Mahia games. Call him ‘The Lone Blogger’ Perhaps he feels he would lose the ability to type, if someone got too close to him. Or maybe he thinks the CIA are out to capture and neutralize him.

Anita Nderu


Anita Nderu looks like one of the sweetest souls to ever walk the earth, but according to sources this chick has a bit of a mean streak. An accusation tabled against her and forwarded to us stated that the news presenter once showed up for an on-camera interview hours late, and told the interviewers to “make this 10 minutes,” because she had other things to do



‘Le Presidente’ has an infamous reputation for being one of the meanest rappers, ever! He’s been called out multiple times for being rude and arrogant and just all around unpleasant. He’s full of himself. In fact, no one loves Prezzo more than Prezzo himself. Even his CMB entourage claimed he was difficult to deal with.

Njoki Chege


It might seem premature to refer to her as a celebrity but at least she has the traction. She’s every man’s favorite villain. Njoki Chege, the popular feminist writer preaches the gospel of jackass men. So does she preach water and drink wine or does she preach water then drink the water? The answer is ‘none of the above’. The Nation columnist preaches water and drinks nothing. I hear she dodges fans too. if she was allowed to walk with a mask on, she would do just that

Joy Kendi


The actress/fashion designer could kick a cat with sharp pointed heels. Scores of people who feel aggrieved by her behavior claim she’s one woman who puts herself on a higher pedestal than she actually is.

Sharon Mundia


Doesn’t Sharon seem so down-to-earth on all her photos? Well, apparently it’s all a front. Close sources reveal she always looks like she’s about to call security when she is approached by guys. It’s only that she doesn’t have the security……hahaaa

Who are all these burukengez… And when did they become celebs.

Kenya is the only country where celebs don’t go to the gym and newscasters are considered celebs

:D:D:D:D i second this statement

Who the hell are these fools??


Mwambie unatambua shaffie pekee, btw ile kiatu ya $1000 amekupatia at least you shine on us peasants

I third the second.

:D:D:Dhuku kenya ukionekana kwa teli more than once unakuwa celeb

C’mon now. Trevor Noah, John Oliver,Jimmy Fallon etc etc? Isn’t Kenya’s ‘renactment’ of the same which is what brought Larry to fame just a trial clone of these shows adjusted for what would work for the Kenyan segment.

Radio presenters have always been a big thing even in the US. E.g. Howard Stern, Sway etc

Met Joy Kendi at WestGate last week. That chic does dress really well though. Thick as fuck as well :slight_smile:

lol why are you naming people who moved to other fields? Here we have Betty Kyalo on tabloids daily why not the BBC anchors. When Larry leaves news desk then yeah but until then it’s pathetic.

I personally dont like Caroline Mutoko, i once witnessed her verbal diahrrea ati “my opinion is sort” aki ya nani!!! Kama ningekua na meffi kwa colon ninge achilia hapo

thick as in phat thick or brain dead thick?

Huyu bayeye ni bongalala lakini haelewangi vitu

vipi mwenda,jibu swali wacha ucoo…