The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record

[SIZE=7]The lessons from America’s astonishing economic record[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]The world’s biggest economy is leaving its peers ever further in the dust[/SIZE],quality=80,format=auto/media-assets/image/20230415_LDD001.jpg

America remains the world’s richest, most productive and most innovative big economy. By an impressive number of measures, it is leaving its peers ever further in the dust.

If there is one thing that Americans of all political stripes can agree on, it is that the economy is broken. Donald Trump, who saw trade as a rip-off and his country in decline, came into office promising to make America great again. President Joe Biden is spending $2trn remaking the economy, hoping to build it back better. Americans are worried. Nearly four-fifths tell pollsters that their children will be worse off than they are, the most since the survey began in 1990, when only about two-fifths were as gloomy. The last time so many thought the economy was in such terrible shape, it was in the throes of the global financial crisis.
Yet the anxiety obscures a stunning success story—one of enduring but underappreciated outperformance.

America’s outperformance has translated into wealth for its people. Income per person in America was 24% higher than in western Europe in 1990 in ppp terms; today it is about 30% higher. It was 17% higher than in Japan in 1990; today it is 54% higher. In ppp terms the only countries with higher per-person income figures are small petrostates like Qatar and financial hubs such as Luxembourg.


He he he! America reports growth because it prints dollars.

The dollars at CBK mean Kenya sold something to earn them.

The dollars at the Federal Reserve are just printed and boom! America creates wealth for it’s people.

Now the world is moving from the dollar and in the next 10 years there will be a basket of other reserve currencies.

Then shit will hit the fan for the great Satan…

printing $100 billion every month just to keep up.

Chinese yuan is projected to jump highest among reserve currencies. At the present rate it will become 4% by 2030. Dollar is at 40%.
You have better arguments for a Swiss Franc.

And arguments about printing money are neolithical at best. Poor (if any) understanding of money as a means of exchange vs a holder of value. Why couldn’t your tribesman print shillings at CBK and make us all rich since he was Governor? Print them and buy dollars to pay for oil or payoff our loans.

You are part of the group David Ndii was responding to when he referenced Donald Kipkorir’s same economic banter as Sonko Malong wash wash economics.

No country in the world can function properly without dollar reserves to pay back loans and pay for imports. If this happens, there will be economic turmoil. The US is well aware of plans to push for dedollarization and as usual, it already has effective plans to counter them…

Looks like the writer is trying to convince himself more than us. It’s time America realize that it’s high noon for white supremacy time for a new world order

America’s wealth and growth is not only anchored on the dollar but also brain drain. It’s sucks all top brains from the rest of the world and brings them home. For example 5 Iranian nuclear physicists make them a tenth of Kenya gdp each year, let me not start on the contribution of panjeets IT gurus.

You confirm yet again that you do not have a competent brain. I have pointed out this before.

Like the typical collaborator Luhya you are, your head is so up the beberu’s rectum that your IQ is more equivalent to a gut parasite than even a bonobo.

Let me explain very, very simply.

Kenya or any other country cannot print money without losing the value of the money because nobody else outside the country wants the shilling. Unlike the dollar, the Ksh is not a reserve currency. You can’t use it in international purchases and trade.

Any country like Kenya that prints money inevitably experiences stratospheric inflation. It’s money loses value and you have a Zimbabwe where so much money is chasing few goods. Bread starts costing 1000 bob, then 10,000 them 1m.

Soon the CB has to print 1b notes.

The dollar does not have this constraint. The US can print money and use it to buy goods out of the country with what is essentially paper because everybody around the world wants to stock the dollar. Locally too, they can print and distribute dollars to their poor - using fancy terms like quantitative easing - because they simply later mop up the money and use it to buy resources overseas.

This ability to print money exaggerates the resilience of the US economy. It enables the govt to borrow endlessly. What is the size of the federal deficit again? Debt?

An imbecilic statement you have made is that the dollar is responsible for I don’t how much of international trade. Seriously, are you a moron or what?

In business you don’t concentrate on the numbers alone. You should always be concerned with the TREND.

Is the dollar gaining or losing its reserve status? If it is losing, with even countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Argentina starting to talk of walking away from me it, what will the situation be in 10 years?

Do you know stuff that the likes of The Economist, NYT and Reuters don’t know coz a simple Gugu search would have brought up hundreds of recent articles on this?

If you cannot understand something as simple as this then you are an irredemable moron. Concentrate on mambo ya kisiagi na chai.

It’s truly a pity that we export your likes to represent us abroad. No wonder every body thinks all Africans are imbeciles…

And they have the perfect machinery in the world to tackle any threat to the dollar that’s the CIA , the world most lethal force using all the tricks off the book . Wagner group can’t match the CIA in blackmailing world elites

“All things considered the US is a more dynamic economy (easier to hire, easier to fire, less regulation generally) with more money sloshing around in the consumer economy that ultimately powers growth in a developed country. So it isn’t surprising that dynamism results in stronger growth. It also isn’t surprising that there is a cost to be paid for this in terms of a weaker social safety net - whether you feel that trade off is worth it is a matter of personal opinion.”

it favors our undertaking

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Malong Yor argument. Sasa unajaribu to escape your original claim by typing several paragraphs.
Brics currency theory is already falling apart.

Ukiona jamaa akirukia tribal jokes, most likely ameshindwa kudinya points.

Boss, anybody who doesn’t have his head up beberus ass can see what I am talking about.

I ask you again, all those commentaries being made about the decline of the dollar as a reserve currency due to the Russian sanctions were written by Guka?

What the ferk is wrong with you? All you ferking have to do is Gugu!

Do you trust cnn news 100%. If not, why do you trust commentaries. I already gave you data from peer verified economics projections and industry experts. Can’t you do a little research on your own?

The kind of ignorance being peddled here is nauseating. Americans will not dare joke around by printing a dollar anyhowly, it has to backed by fiscal fundamentals. Why then has it remained so relevant over decades worldwide? For starters, a yuan printing which is tightly control by the Chinese communist party interests is too unpredictable,a Swiss franc is even better.

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92% of World Currency is Digital.