In every Village,there is always exists one person with a unique thing and today i feel like should narrate to you guys a true incidence that happenes in my village long time ago.There existed a man by the name Munjuki.So one day munjuki enters a pub in kwa wanjiku centre,a certain small town in laikipia where beer costs the lowest, this was after he had been given job of removing bees that had attacked a staff room and especially headmasters chamber in Gatero girls secondary school. After finishing to remove job the guy who was to remove money of paying him was not around that day so he was tolded to return the following is this him untill centre and he is as thirsty as hell, he wanted to take atleast two or three so that he could go home smelling like a full was bringing trouble but i tell u munjuki is wise, wiser than king solomon.with him he had carried a paperbag of bees, by then paperbags had not been banned by govt. He entered a certain pub which was saying to say, it was members day so the place was full, it had filled to fill like lack of importance.
Slow by slow he had turned a defaulter and after telling waiter to put him i jug daniels,the waiter refused to know.“Leo nauza cash, hakuna cha bill leo”.
Since munjuki had not been paid he decided to show the bird of ng’ethe.he tolded waiter to put him only jug and he is paying cash so no problem even small.waiter who in this case was a certain yellow yellow putted and waited to be paid.
After munjuki put his okoho in the cup, he started abusing everyone." Ohh nyinyi wote hamna pesa, ambieni Mungu mwenye amenipea awapatie" others would answer back angrilly but who is munjuki, you know for him he was left blessings by his great grandfather that even the baddest bee cannot harm him.
The story is not there, there is a place you guys are not is this newspaper of you have gone knowing what.

Munjuki opened his paperbag of yellow, the one that used to cost 20 bob.he let a swarm of bees loose, everybody head on heels, leg help me. The waiter and all drunkards left the pub running outside, trying to save themselves from bees attack.munjuki was left alone in the bar, drinking at his own pace.

Usinunue bangi kwa huyo mjamaa Tena mblo

Hizi ni vituko za wachawi

There is a day we drunk well well in kirurumo and fombe told us to drive to kwa wanjiku to add small and we found it was raining. The next day I looked at my clothes and threw saliva.