The Last Fight....content house

I watched this documentary from The Content House and its a great piece of work…I have a pal who grew up in Ziwani tell me that they really looked up to these boxers while growing up…Boxing was what kept many youths on the straight and narrow…its really sad what boxing has come to…any Villagers who grew up in Eastlands passed through this…sometimes back in the day i visited some Boxing Gym in Eastleigh…hapo St Theresa’s Church dont know if it is still there…the rudimentary equiment these guys work with will shock you…nani ashawahi enda hio ya Muthurwa


It was on KTN and was really sad. Another famous social hall ni ile Pal Pal ya Pumwani/Majengo, it produced a lot of champions in the past. The Muthurwa Dallas hall was almost grabbed by greedy fellows.


I have been to Mudhurwa (Dalas) they still train, my fast novice took place at Dalas, took part in the Light Heavy weight Division. Boxing still keeps pple on line because to be a full time boxer, no ovyo ovyo sex during season, no excessive drinking, no street fights za kifala, eat good n stay forcused, with its hiting the gym that cuts my alcohol intake
Try visit PalPal hapo wadhii (Pumwani S.Hall) Kariobangi Koch , Mbote, they still train hard


Kariobangi hall used to have people training in Karate and boxing a while back. Don’t know if they still do

Yea @WuTang Bangu people train in the morning as from 9:00 to around 12:00, the boxgirls team and Men also train, Irie Priest and Morris are the main coaches there, when am not at work I at time visit them

You mean Irie Priest is that guy with dread locks who trains boxers hapo kwa hall?

Yap that guy, he was my coach, he still is whenever I come back, his my buddy and my neighbor, we have quite a history

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Iron Mike also came up from the same circumstances

And many other famous boxers

His career at the top would have lasted much longer if he hadn’t gone into a meltdown after Cus died. It seems Cus was the only guy who knew how to handle Iron Mike. It makes me sad that he didn’t achieve his full potential due to indiscipline

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How people under those conditions is beyond me…no changing rooms, thread bare punching bag, shared kit including mouth braces, no ring to speak of, no first aid kit, hata kope la maji hakuna…improvised weights and other gym equipment Woi…what happens during training when someone gets injured…

True. He used to miss training ahead of big matches and later on started taking drugs. He also partied a lot and this depleted his 300 mil dollar fortune. He could have achieved much more than he did.

Some guys have to go and do back breaking work during their part time.

I wont comment, mambo ya boxing siwezani nayo. I’ll wait for a post on Judo or wrestling ndio ni comment

in boxing we really shared many things, we even shared head smelly headgears, me I never liked using head gears and that made me carefull with my head, @msalame grace injuries were just like natural selection, e.g if u are a bleeder then u cant survive, because we will just give u water to wash ur nose and ask someone to check on u(no doctor)
@vuja de there is nothing in boxing as good as people who know u and understand u, when they are in ur corner u think same,act same its like telepathy, that make ur combinations awesome and boosts ur morale in the gym, but discipline is always paramount.


hiyo ya madison square Nakuru pia is sad coz I know the guys. I have trained hapo kitaambo as a lightfly