The Kurious Kase of Kimakia

Lately Ktalk’s most prolific troll @Kimakia has been awfully quiet. Even mentioning him doesn’t work. It seems the administrator finally grew tired of his homoerotic antics and he was sent to the Black Dolphin prison in Siberia indefinitely. Or was he? As Lord Protector of the Realm I felt honour bound to get to the bottom of this mystery which nobody asked me to solve.

Makes you wonder, just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

You literaly said " get the bottom of this" well, I wish you and thimakai the best

The original Kimakia handle is now a guest and the recent one is an impersonator.

…and he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling @King Robert Baratheon

You take this village too seriously and cut the obsession with the said homosexual

You’re wrong.

There is a thread in which kimakia requested either @Electronics4u or @Mundu Mulosi to change his handle name and his request was granted.
Thîri mai= kisiagi mavi (direct translation)

Hunaga kazi ya kufanya?


Kimakia aliokoka na kubadilisha jina kama vile Saul aliitwa Paul

Naona umefika simberia mdau.

Siberia ni where?

Oh sorre.