The kid is not my son.....

From the Garissa University terrorist attack to several other disasters that have happened in the country. A worrying trend has had the government officials puzzled. “Mzee huyu mtoto si wako…” was a common explanation when a DNA mismatch occurred during body identification. I’m told it also happened during the recent moi girls fire tragedy. My Kenyan brothers, how many of us are unknowingly raising kids who are not ours? How many of you are sure?

Hekaya, porojo, pang’ang’a, umbea, ufala, duru za kuaminika apana tambua. Must be verified news source.

Not again.

This is like the 40th time this shit is brought here. And mind you, zote ni “I am being told, I heard, I read…” The feminazi 1 jojina began this crap.

Yes I. Happening again.

Because Kenyan men, we are always in denial, probably there will be 41st post on it…

Just bring up the ferking bastard bila kusumbua…you are on your own here

What if you turn out not to be your presumed dad’s blood? Will you change your mind and bring up the wife’s child? Or maybe you will be justified to declare an all out war on women. Uliza Georgina mbona wanawake hugawa nje.

Meanwhile story ya Moi girls DNA:[ATTACH=full]128799[/ATTACH]


Umechengwa ?

Before you asked this question here are you sure your dad is actually your father?

Kama hekaya za majini Pwani…“I heard from a friend who was told by”…you get the drift?

How many times do you need to be told this was fake news before it can register in your pea-sized brain?

Mona Lisa come give me head maybe my pea sized brain may grow thick like yours.

Meff ,unasumbua mogakaress.

njoti yes I’m sure, how about you?

Sijachengwa buda.

Good question. I don’t think it would be fair to reject the innocent child especially if the daddy and child bond has already been established.

Ukichengwa kubali

Umepotelea wapi Mami?