The Kenyan Media

I have never been one to care much for the media. I barely watch TV, and I only watch if I have ran out of bundles or the internet is down. It is very unfortunate that the Media that the majority of Kenyans look up to as beacons of freedom can be influenced on what to show and not to show by forces in the govt. It is even more unfortunate that the current crop of journalists have forgotten (Chosen to forget) that the freedom Kenyans enjoy now is are as a result of Media Freedom.

What the Media does not know is that once the Government has them under wrap. It will be impossible to get out, and once the populace loose trust in them, just like virginity, it will be impossible to get it back. It is very troubling to hear all these stories that the two major media houses receive calls from powerful politicians to alter “Headlines” that look antigovernment. Kenyans are a very screwed lot, from the Keters who “fak stupid innocent people”, the So*9-*s who bring in illegal drugs that destroy our youth then turn around and pretend to be representing and fighting for the youth, the Ole Mashambas who don’t care whether our kids have a playground or not, if the media does not speak for us, who will?

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the tradional media in 5 years to come will be fighting for survival twitter, fb n the blogs will be taking over

Media across the world does you know whose bidding in order to continue making profits.

Media is essentially a tool for the government in all freedom is a big lie.

Hii bamboozled ni nini? Sii kurudi afternoon lessons wakifunzwo…

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Sio kurudi afternoon lessons pekee, hata za morning ulihata mingi sana. Ni karema-hitl ama karema-hiti

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bamboozled niku bambuchwad… Kumangwa kirai…

Media ni always skewed. ata US akina Fox ni za conservatives while big fish kama CNN ni za progressives. Total bias in reporting and analysis. But at least there is freedom to differ and thats invaluable. Alafu TV and shit like that isnt going anywhere. The powerful will make sure they stay because thats where you can be fed exactly what they want you to consume. and if you think you can get away…NOOO… Kuna mexican soaps/niger’ movies / dating shows and contests/ and kenyan soaps za women and children. na for men kuna a$$ shaking Jamaican and american bullsh*tters as well as useless sensational news za rallies, assassinations, protests… Stay put.