The Kangema lynching...

From my view the guy murder was an unpremeditated murder, reason the man sold a phone to his former lover and later snatched because of some uncleared 200 bob debt…

The lady was looking at between 3 yrs to 5 yrs in prison on a manslaughter charge… And could have walked free if she got a good lawyer… I watched the video of her lynching and asked myself, Why were those people so barbaric? And then I today I read this article in social media and I asked myself did the lady attitude directly contribute to her death?..

Was her rudeness and threats to kill everyone a case of temporary mental insanity? Was it that no one could have come to her aid?

Woman kills lover after dispute over phone, mob … - Nairobi News

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I believe two wrongs cant make a right…

Don’t want to sound political but it was clearly glared during the elections how the rotten society would celebrate the killing of people from a certain region as a sign of the police doing a good job. We leave in hard times where we people frustrated with their life’s find such opportunities to offload their frustrations on others.

That was uncalled for.She may have killed but didn’t deserve to die in that manner

The phone thing was just a trigger. To stab someone twice or thrice shows unbridled rage. The mob too and its herd mentality. Kill first questions later. [SIZE=1]Leading armchair clinical psychologist [/SIZE]

It takes little to turn a crowd into killers. The killing of her guy looks like manslaughter. Rudeness got her killed. A fu***d up society we are.

As a people do we have to kill??? In a working society whoever was recording that stuff would have been behind bars as I type this. Why not save a life??

Iko wapi video nipatie link

It all starts with leadership where the kingpins are popularly known for assassinations.,and that propels people to think they can take law into their own hands.

Pia wewe haukuwa umeona hii?

There is a shortage of people to look up to. Political leaders thrive on crowds, and are idolized by the masses for it. As an individual, you have to break from that herd mentality.

No way I will ever post that… No Way!

That lady was into menial jobs (had got sacked from a house girl job two months before the incident) and I am here imagining what a phone could have meant to her? And I am no where justifying her actions…


If it was a dude ungeskia “leo kwanza nakula nyama.”
I once heard that in Mathare mwizi kwanza huchapwa then he is subjected to extreme mental torture i.e. being taunted akiambiwa aseme kwaheri, made to carry the tyre to the lynching spot then anachomwa. this happens almost weekly for many years gone by. How can God in heaven surely be happy with such a nation. Yaani watoto wanapigwa marisasi brains zinamwagika na picha zinawekwa Facebook na polisi and that is a very “normal” society. No sound from the human rights people. No sound from the govt. or even the president. The police boss even says good job. Vigilante state. Na watu wanachoma nyama kucelebrate. That is the new normal. Maybe it will take an incident like the one in Nigeria where ordinary INNOCENT college boys were mistakenly accused of stealing and were beaten mercilessly and lynched to jar our society… or maybe it won’t even have any effect, we are too far gone.

that she went for the knife “somewhere” tells of malice afore thought. murder.

Sad indeed

If u have not watched it then just DON’T. It’s very gory. Anyway kama uko FB go to kilimani mums & dads group. I think I saw it there.

In crimes of passion… It doesn’t matter if she could have travelled the whole world carrying a knife… She could have pleaded temporary insanity… And walk free.

A broken society. She most likely was mentally unstable .Even if she was sane she deserved better. Shame on the killers.

Kuna ingine third man aliweka zamani kenyan list ya wezi wa sack of potatoes and it was in hd. yaani one of the guys is actually breathing fire and the sound coming from his lungs was beyond description. And he lived for many minutes before he expired. And there were children watching the whole spectacle. Hio kitu nili-regret mbona niliona.