The Junior Files - The Quest for Justice4Juniour 15 yr slaughtered on camera by NYC Gang


Reason why I don’t cry when niggas get killed by cops. They are animals.

The way they slashed his jugular bana, not even in a horror movie…

The guy was innocent bana …
alafu they are not negroes, hao ni of south american origin

hispanics. Apparently in the bronx if you turn when a slautation from a rival gang is mouthed you are affiliated to that gang. The previous day a 14 year old kid was stabbed 17 times for having a beef with a schoolmate who was gang affiliated. He lost a kidney but never pressed charges just relocated out of state to save his life. Growing up in these places is crazy. Issa jungle.

Stupid fool do you think all the people killed by police are in gangs? Low IQ fool. And the person was killed by hispanics.