The Jubilee Debt Misadventure continues


They didn’t even debate, ilipita direct. Tushatombwa

Party after party…

Only one person stood up to oppose it. Wajir South MP. Everyone else was singing to Treasury’s tune.

Majuto ni mjukuu.

Retiring old debts ni paying old debts with new debt ama what does it mean?

Kenyans mfuckiwe kabisa hadi economists wawaite malaya

Mtajua kupiga kura vizuri


It means that. The problem here is that National Assembly is failing to address the question of whether taking more debt is sustainable in the first place

is see in a year or two our debt status itakuwa junk. kenyans are being fucked lkini wanalalamika only on social media when they wake up it will be too late

Mamako ni nani wewe.She should be exterminated asizae mjinga mwingine kama wewe.
Must you go tribal ghasia takataka

mbadi is the worst case i remember in jubilee forst term he was criticizing the govt for taking alot of debt lakini saa hii he is all in for more debt

That is what it means, and what is more absurd is that half of the loans to be secured will end up in corrupt individuals accounts abroad. Yaani party after party, after party.

It was refreshing to see Kimani Ichungwa admit that the economy is down. That for the first time in a very long time the government has not spent a shilling on development this financial year. Anyway, liwe liwalo 2022 Jubilee kumi fresh

I will tell you for free, a big storm was coming . These new debts ndio maybe will post pone the effects

they are just postponing the real effects but by next year things will be worse, for kra people fired means income tax down, losses or lower profts for companies means lower corporate tax collected, car imports are down so duty collected at the port is down. govt has fucked up regardless of what it does they have messed up big time

in your view, what caused us to be where we are?

the govt took too much debt too fast, using debt to build roads, sgr, dams connect electricity things which do not generate revenue directly, the benefits are mostly in the informal sector of which its very had to tax. if the govt took loans to build factories which generate income it could have been a different situation.

By next year kama saa hii kenyans will be starving

President Uhuru is not appearing in public anymore lately. He knows that Kenya is in serious trouble economically.

Who? Never heard of him.
[SIZE=1]mimi najua mjamaa anaitwa Gatheca, na huyo hawes kuwa prisident…huyo ni mrevi.[/SIZE]

unfortunately everything revolves around politics, politicians we elect make policies whether good or bad on our behalf.Take example of kibra, voters are being segmented into tribes in the name of “development meetings”.Already somebody somewhere has done the maths and has seen no need of articulating issues to the people but rather just have a few big tribes in kibra behind them and they’re set to go and they’ll have zero responsibility towards the electorate since they can just play the divide and rule card.Similarly uhuru doesn’t see the need of taking responsibility because all he has to do is just shout RWNEBP and we’ll troupe back to the fold.