The joy of marriage

Is captured in a photo like this one below:

The cruel truth with alot of these made-for-Facebook, couple-goals pics, is that someone, somewhere in the Republic is viewing them with a smirk or even licking his lips in anticipation of the next shag with the woman

This is Mr and Mrs Ali Kiba

The joy of marriage cannot be defined by a single picha or even what we tell our friends. That is why I don’t understand mambo ya mbisha kule shosho media. Behind closed doors ndio mambo yote. And you know that.:smiley:

Public photos are full of hypocrisy

Anyone who knows Joho and Kiba’s trips knows this aint shit.

True. Even my cousin and his wife usually post some very impressive photos on Facebook but they are fighting behind closed doors

True that


Marriage is sweet, photos or no photos, knowing that I wouldn’t go to an empty house, but a place where I will find a beautiful lady, and the cute kids, err one already has a bass rivalling mine, is the highlight of my day.

True that especially when you and mama are on good terms

Please give us the tea on this Joho and Ali Kiba thing. You don’t have to doxx yourself.

Tarantino wewe hukai nyumbani na bibi every single day. Wewe si unakaa nahuko job? sisi tunaonana daily, tunabishana more.

I am entitled to a week off each month, nakaa nao hadi wanatosheka, more than the work around father’s.

That sounds cool. Sisi tunapitana huku like ships in the night with the lockdown and him working from home for almost a year for most parents and kids out of school but zooming into lessons online.

It is cool, Wueh, wasn’t it suffocating?

Ata midterm break hakukuwa?

Marriage is the biggest scam ever invented by man. Complete waste of time.

Na ukipata time ya kustep out, ni how long? Kwani, most of Europe wako lockdown level yenu?

Most celebrity marriages is a scam, case example, see how the moffo below was serious before taking pics for social media