@Purple this is a topic you know quite well. Jews who hate Israel. The Jews in the Democratic Party. Trump gives them Jerusalem but they hate him even more. They even call him a racist.

It’s time to speak the truth. @uwesmake why continue supporting these filthy fuckers yet they are the very same ones who turned on President Trump?

Facebook and Google are owned by Jews who hate Trump with a passion.

Zuckerberg was giving money to black poll workers so they can steal the election in favour of Biden!

Men fuck these ungrateful assholes. They even turned against God Himself when he tried to help them. They even killed His Son Jesus.

Jews are a very wierd race. Hard hitting article.


Fuk Zionist.

Which ones? The ones who are pro Israel or anti Israel?

All of them racists!

yeah but are you a Jew though ? lastly ,did your husband stop beating you ?

Coronatities said that she likes to have her ass eaten out so put that in your server for memory. Akikutembelea Valley Arcade you better be ready to eat her ass.

Aren’t you a racist yourself?

Do you love Jews?

No, I am not a racist.
Why would I love them?

Do you love Jews?

I love my wife and respect everyone in the world.

It is a simple yes or no question, no need for sideshows.

Do you love Jews? Yes or no?

No. Love is strictly reserved for my wife.

Then you are a racist!

Mimi kama fake jew big supporter wa persians i hate the real jews:D

What kind of a stupid childish question is that?

Ask the kid again.

Jews ni aina mbili.

  1. The 144,000
  2. The synagogue of Satan

The same way that those who bless Israel prosper, the second group can be a curse wherever they go. They carry the Jonah effect with them, constantly rocking the boat! I’m reminded of Bernie Sanders, shifty Schiff and George Soros.

tell your wife i love her too

She will vomit if I do.

Do you “like” Kenyan Indians?

Do you “like” white people in general?

If you are a Njaruo do you like Kikuyus?

If the answer to the above is NO basi wewe ni racist. Kubali yaishe. Wacha mabishano.

All humans are racist, tribalists.