The Jameson's Squad

Hawa , Round Moja is 2 Bottles of Jameson’s Whiskey plus Chaser’s …

Utaweza… ??? :D:D




How comfortable are those leather shorts.

Tear and Invasion Proof … :D:D

2nd pic lass in black with her hair tied up top is the only one I’d try to sit & have my njemison black barrel with, hizo viumbe zingine zitokomee zikakunywe cham huko mbali na mimi!! Pepo chafff

Mimi sikulangi takataka.

Boss , …
It is a group deal …
All …or nothing … :D:D

Unataka ku buy uvae ama?

Women really age like cow dung left out in the sun

Zii…nikununulie wewe coz uko na umama

Madoadoa Ako swaffi .