The Italian Cosa Nostra ( Mafia) Safe haven in Malindi...

I’ve always suspected that this famous Italian Malindi club/restaurant is related to the mob…well…kwanza there was a time that is was to be brought down coz it had been built on sand dunes…anyway investigation hii hapa

I’ve Met the guy Mario Mele some time back when the club was just opened…he knew some guys we were hanging out with…These old grizzled chain smoking Italians with silver chains on their necks…they always lok so creepy… i wouldnt be surprised pia these other hotels of Italy’s former PM Silvio and Flavio Briatore the Lion and the Sun are all fronts of money laundering…come to think that they just landed in Malindi with their private jets and didn’t even go through customs just imagine what kind of contraband they can bring in or out

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Africa is Caso Nostra :

Cosa Nostra Diamonds:

Who will deliver our Africa jamani

Berlusconi was once under Italian investigations for his links with the mob. Kenya is heaven for any mob boss, corrupt police, no real enforcement of laws, damn

i thought he was cleared by their courts, including in the bunga bunga case…

this might be weird but i admire the mafioso lifestyle and modus operandi. this was after reading the Mario Puzo books The Godfather and the Sicilian etc. there is also a movie Casino starring De Niro. if everybody took their jobs seriously like these guys, Kenya for example would be far. i.e if your job is to deliver medicine and you dont, your neck is on the line. something along the lines of Japan where honour is everything and a ceo prefers to harakiri rather than face corruption charges. in other words the mafia is accountable, responsible and ruthless. this is in sharp contrast to this culture of milking dry even a skinny cow that we Africans(mostly) have perfected.
then there is a hierachy which brings order- in our country we have conflicting reports up to now about Westgate, Mpeketoni, Garissa and Yumbis.
why are the mafia so successful and powerful?
this might be due to the code of honour and not eating where you have not planted. the mafia started by providing protection to guys who were under threat of bandits and such. if you gave them protection money and such, you were safe. you cannot say the same for governments to which we pay taxes and yet we are not safe. they also do not entertain betrayal which is waht looters do to us as a nation.
there is something to learn from the mafia becoming more powerful and efficient than several world governments.
all in all the bad thing with them is drug trade. but then again, they do not force people to buy hard drugs from them.


Mafia who spend their free time molesting children with the blessings of Wapwani

La Cosa Nostra is a glorified version of mungiki, romanticized in novels and movies. Stop praising them. They are pure evil


If you rattle a snake…

Clearly you have no idea of what you are talking about.

Ati ‘‘this might be due to the code of honour and not eating where you have not planted…’’

Mboss hapo umenoa.