The issue of Tribe


I say,
You just can’t push the issue of Tribe under the rag and imagine all is okay.
I like the message of peace, but honestly, I would never shed my identity for a Concept
I’d love to see more messages along the lines of tolerance, accommodation, humanity, love
Well, if you look at the message from a deeper level, you can see what I want to see.
However, when the lady says “Ati 43 tribes ?” and chuckes,
I see hypocrisy at it’s highest form of existence.

Tribe is a colorful thing. A form of diversity. That can be used to positively pimp our nation.
This country was build with Tribe as a primary color.
People will insult you for coming from a certain Tribe. People will insult you for not identifying with a Tribe. “Mkosa Kabila” to me comes off as an insult. Mild as it seems, it made Kenyan Sikhs, Pakistanis, Banyanis, Bengalis and other Asians of unknown origin to come together and request for a Tribe, which they were duly given. Now you ask any light skin Kenyan of Asian origin what their Tribe is, they’ll tell you to go on the official List and check for Asians. Its there.
That’s how important Tribe is not only in Kenya, but also in the rest of Africa.

If you go to Uganda, there is a group of people from my community who settled there in the 1950s, 10 years before Uganda got independence. Guess what, its very hard for them to get an ID, since they are seen as Kenyans.


They are not seen as Traditionally Native to Uganda. Infact, in most African countries, Save for border communities, your Tribe almost defines your nationality. Besides Naturalization, when you say you are Zulu, SA pops in the head. You say you are Shona, Zimbabwe pops, You mention Kalenjin and Kenya pops in the mind, Igbo brings Nigeria…

So, as much as we want the negative aspect of Tribe to be gone and done with, we can’t sweep under the rug the fact that:

  1. We have more than 40 Tribes and Tribe is the Basis of Identity in this country
  2. We have aspects of negative ethnicity that we need to get rid of
  3. Every Tribe has a unique history and culture that is interesting and the most important thing we should be focusing on is Tolerance, Integration, Learn more about each other and accepting the fact that this is how its going to be if we care about “Keeping it Kenyan”

If you don’t have a regular friend from another Tribe, make an effort to make one. It could be your grocer, Shopkeeper, Gate-man, caretaker, Workmate, Lecturer, Boss. Ask them how they say hi in their language and the response. Then say hi to them in their language and listen to the response. It’s therapeutic I assure you.

Mtu ajibu hii : Iska Waran


Fi’an. Labat mia?:smiley:

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Waan iska fiicanahey.
tribalism/nationalism is trait in everyone,can’t erase that

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