The Issue about Sleeping in the Same Bed

Who came about with this tradition that married people should always sleep in the same bed?

In African traditions, most men had a separate hut to sleep away from their wives.
Ikifika wakati wa kulala, kila mtu analala ki-vyake.

Don’t you married people get bored of sleeping in the same bed with your wife every single day of the year?

Bored? Never. It’s a bit challenging especially when the kids are at the infant stage and you’re taking shifts with night feedings. Hapo one of you has to use the spare bedroom to get adequate sleep. Another reason why couples might choose to sleep in separate beds is if one of them snores at night. However, boredom is never a good reason to stay apart. If possible, get yourselves a king-sized bed that way you can each stay on your end and not feel all stuffy and hot.

I ve heard of stories huko Geshagi-ini where sum1s wife always goes to shower mausiku while mzee and the kids are having dinner/watching News. Kumbe kule bafuni kuna Ghasia kama @Tom Bayeye anakulanga bibi kisha the wife takes a bath thereafter.
Hivyo ndivyo Beta male kama @Akon City uloa spermo za mafisi bana na kulea watoto sio wao.
So kiyana kesho ukioa kuna changamoto mingi sana kwenye ndoa, ndio maana mashoga hata hapa Ktalk kama vile @BADASS ukubali Gangbang ya @uwesmake na @Eng’iti kuliko kuoa Muanamuke!

Empty head kabisa

How will @smokin_gun fit a king-sized bed in a bedsitter.

Sawa Mtingiziwa Kitanda
Btw my balls too are “empty” courtesy of ur Kunguru wife! …ananitingiziaga sawa sawa :smiley:
Kazi kwako ni kukaza tu ma nuts mimi huku niki bolt yeye DFHKMBLBH

i love my wifes warmth next to me everyday

:smiley: c’mon nigga hii ni low blow ya Rick Flair


I think am still African. Can’t see myself waking up to feed an infant.

…aiii hapana. Hardly notice how the days have turned to years na bado that Ka good feeling iko. Ni hayo tu Kwa sasa

There is no boredom.When you are sleeping with the person you love and adore then nothing boring will come up,unless you fear she might stabbed you with a knife at night no need to thing of sleeping in a different room.

Madut, must be caressing my furry chest.every night we are together.

Hii ushenzi inahusiana aje na what OP is saying?

Western culture made us believe that love can only be shown when two people in love sleep in one bed. You should read books, this will help you stop asking unnecessary questions that have answers.


Marry and you will know the joy. Some things are better experienced than told.

Hata mi nimeshangaa:D:D

I think for me I would prefer my mother and father style. Where Dad worked far away and was only home during weekends. Unlike what I have read from some fools up there praising the warmth of sleeping on the same bed with their house wives from Monday to Monday