The ISS and the Colourful Moon

The blue moon will be rising tonight but you will not get a view as good as this one without a telescope and digital camera. In this image, the 85 kilometer wide Tycho crater is prominent to the upper right. The rays streaking out from the crater like spokes from a wheel hub are made of ejected material thrown out during a meteor impact. Just above that to the right of the crater is the International Space Station. The colours in this image are enhanced but nonetheless real.


Have ever spotted it once, without a scope and clear sky you don’t see much.

At first nilikuwa nimesoma ISIS hapo kwa title…i guess hapo ndiyo terrorism imetufikisha…


Am always fascinated by our universe. How the whole system works and the function of each planet including the sun, moon and others like Jupiter and how the earth is just at the right point in the solar system (too close to sun or to far away and the earth will be inhabitable) . Enyewe God is Great.


How to view the stars




me too

There was once an Italian female cosmonaut tweeted of a fly by over lake Turkana on board the ISS, was over the moon!

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Quick, @Meria Mata, come see the BLUE MOON! It’s out here!

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Am a mad space enthusiast, brofist.exe!

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I saw the moon.

Looking at that first picture, it is difficult to believe/grasp that the ISS is about 384,000 Km from the moon and just about 300-400 km from the observer.

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Asante sana boss

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What I, also, find intriguing is the timing! The station is always on the move and at mind-boggling speed and, yet, it had to be in that position for the photo to be taken!

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