The internet loves papa Franco

I expect this dude to be declared dead anytime.

His health isn’t good.

On his way to pick @Uzo for a roll in the sack

did you stop masturbating into a sock?

Papa ratzi ni mgani @Meria Mata :D:D:D

The coming pope will be the last one. He will be called "Black pope. "

Bonobos hazijashikanisha hizi picha Bado?

Tuko slow


It’s AI generated.

You don’t say:cool:

And who didn’t know this

its very real natafuta photoshop hapana lakini hizo miguu sio zake he has difficulty walking , too thin to be the pope,

Huyo pope paedofile anafaa kuwa Hague jela for crimes against humanity. Child rape.

All of the above ,genius. This is ktalk, remember that next time

No , I fuckin don’t.make this forum great again