The inland taipan. The deadliest snake in the world

The inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus), also commonly known as the western taipan, small-scaled snake, or fierce snake,
The species is endemic to semiarid regions of central east Australia

The general symptoms of a bite are local pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, dizziness, collapse, or convulsions, major organ failures and finally death
The venom will kill a person within 45 minutes.

Nothing to worry us…well, except for the kalenjins in Australia


Nyoka kama 100 za hii type zirushwe statehouse na zingine 1000 parliament.


Haishindi Boomslang

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Missile moja ya Hamas imetosha

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BLck mamba ziko mob vumbistan… but god understanding bonobos made them non aggressive

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The good thing is it lives far from human habitation so bites are very rare. The black Mamba, puff adder and the carpet viper are much more deadly as they inhabit areas with human populations and poor or non existent anti snakebite facilities.

Si black mamba ndio Iko na deadliest venom wadau?

Uko obsessed na manyoka sana mjamaa.

Mimi kama.kuna place niliapa sitawahi enda ni Australia. Yaani kila kitu inajaribu kukumaliza. Sio hizo manyoka zao, sio kangaroos, sio spiders. Tawe. Huko na United Sodom sidhani kama nitawahi enda. Huko Sodom maniggar wasipokipiga ridhe just to confirm if their guns are working kina Pitbull na rottweiler wamekungoja round the corner.

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Kuna nyoka inaitwa puff ander ya kitui noma Sana , ikikuuma matako ukikunia kwa bush hip mcea inaoza kabla ufike hosi 20 minutes ushadedi

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A black mambas bite will kill you in just 20 minutes, so no, the Inland Taipan is not the deadliest snake, back at home here, we have the black mamba, the puff adder, the red spitting cobra, the boomslang. Black mamba bites are rare because it is one of the fastest snakes, when in full speed it can actually fly over objects. Puff adder bites are common because they are very slow, so they don’t escape when you approach. Another thing to know is that the black mamba sometimes has a dry bite as a warning, which means it will bite but not inject venom. The puff adder on the other hand has no dry bite and will in fact bite and hold on to squeeze so it gives you a full dose.


True but too many exaggerations. That 20 minute kiss of death of a black mamba, for example, is a stretch of imaginations . A black mambas bite can kill a human in a average of 12 hours. If left untreated. Who will sit there with limbs getting paralyzed for 12 hours without getting medical help. 20 minutes is the onset of symptoms, and that is if it bites close to your heart. And that is the worst case scenario. If completely untreated it takes a day or two. The deadliest snakes are constrictors ( boas, pythons) because those kill in less than 3 minutes. Cc @mundu_mulosi @PERDITION @cortedivoire


Nope. A puff adders bite is rarely fatal. It’s bite is not hemotoxic or neurotoxic. What causes death by that serpent is secondary infections in that area. It’s venom is cytotoxic ( just causes swelling and blisters).
Cc @mundu_mulosi
So many myths about snakes.

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Don’t copy @cortedivoire , the only snake he has seen is a penis , akizaliwa kayole, akasomea Kayole anatombwa Kayole atakufia kayole


Lots of alarmists hizi story. I was once bitten by a small puff adder nikiwa a small boy I tried picking it up thinking it was a colourful rope huko ranches. Dealt with a swollen foot for a while but am still here

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Ziko wapi hizo nyoka zote,I have never come across any…by the way did your other ball grow back


Anakuwaga na ball moja,yaani he is a monoballer…but he can still impregnante you if you want.

Nyoka ziuliwe kwa mawe ya kichwa