The human body is weirdly awesome....



wewe number 11 include a dick also…


HAHAHA zingine ni Fuckts

so… are you saying there exists adult baloons?

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Aww… number 3 is so sweet :):slight_smile:

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No it is not!:mad: It is about selfish self preservation! The foetus knows it will die if the mother dies. Simple. Apana leta emotions mahali pa logic.

Don’t you think number 6 is also sweet…

Am sure u dnt know what sweet means…would you like a sweet :D:D

N0, 6 has just made me feel disgusted, and come to think of it, the mouth is so pink like that damn hole

Do you lick pussy?

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no six cannot apply to me because i don’t own a pinkspace

Nah, never ever, when I imagine the stuff that comes out of it, I can never put my face anywhere near it. If that’s all the pleasure I can give a woman wacha ikae.


But you don’t mind your josto going in there?

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Yah, lucky enough the thing can’t bite

That’s what it’s designed for. There’s a good reason why the creator didn’t put a nose and eyes on it.


Myth or truth?

That thing is mono eyed.


An innocent eye that is swallowed by a cave. Nasema nini sasa?

Are you sure? I have seen one that can smoke a cigar…