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If you must park in the basement make sure you are not anywhere below the sewer lines.
The plumbing sub-contractor must have done a shitty job and MEP engineer let it slide. For the second time ninaona kuna pipe ime burst on the basement parking that is below KFC. Leo sijaona gari imeoga but the first time I saw this kuna gari ilikuwa imeoshwa mbaya.
Sewer runs in the grey PVC pipes and are generally the biggest. Green is for clean water, Red for fire fighting.

Sketch, thermal imagine, scan, any will suffice…

Siwezi karibia smelly seweage ati ndio nifikishe ktalk threshhold ya evidence.

Whaaat u mean kuna mtu ameoshewa gari na pupu ya wahindi.?

Could the KFC be a contributing factor. All that used cooking oil that is drained into the sinks is a major clog in sewer lines. Even in the UK fast food shops must been near main sewer lines.

Could be, hapo kuna KFC na Dominos

In China gutter oil is big business !

watu wa karen munakunia mavi dense sana


Reminds me of the Unilever ltd debacle, if you have stayed in this town over 20 years, you can remember the exploding sewers near Muthurwa, We you used to joke that it’s the Railway workers who had been paid. I agree on the cooking oil theory and it’s clogging properties.


What :eek:

In Ruaka, Tuskys occupies a building that permanently smells of sewage. The amazing tenant there is Aga Khan, located at sub-ground level!

Were they directing waste oil from their plant to the sewer?

Yeah until NEMA happened in 1999.

Shiet, hio ni serious. Na kanju haikuwai zua as their treatment works would get overwhelmed.

Lots of buildings get this wrong, ata uchumi ngong road hyper their basement almost always smells like shit

Kanjo ilikuwa ni mchoto Tu. Back in them days of mayor King’ori and Ndirangu, money could take you everywhere.

Basement can be unforgiving if you don’t get a architect and a good contractor. My friend bought a cheap plot which has some deep excavation. He decided to do a basement and even worse put the bedrooms there. Its was a disaster. He had to buy another plot next to it and do a normal house.

Why? What happened?

They didn’t do the ventilation right and water proofing. Its was damp, dark and then overtime become wet. It cost him a lot to rectify it but all the same the family refused to live there. It was rented out and they built another normal house in the adjacent plot.