those people working in hr department what exatly is your/ their work ,kuangalia lateness and telling you to feel leave forms is that all for real. any body expalin the role of hr’s

Their role is to read your psychology and program you into an automaton. Professional ones are trained on Kurt Lewin methods, BF skinner experiments and methods, and they all apply pavlovian conditioning just like the modern schooling system. They are very important people TO THE COMPANY OWNER

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They’re also grammar Nazis.


If you thought kazi ya watchman wa ATM is to protect you, think again, his priority is the machine
if you thought kazi ya karao is to serve and protect you, think again, their priority is making sure the government of the day is in control, serving and protecting you and your property is incidental.
if you thought kazi ya HR is to make sure matakwa yako yametimizwa @Ingia amekusaidia kuona the light


thank God kwa juakali sector hakuna hr

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They coordinate training programs, they arrange interviews, they keep and update master rolls, they keep and update personal files and do correspodence letters to employees, they liase with unions and the employer uses them to talk to you especially if he is dismissing you

wasn’t Pavlovian more of classical conditioning as were John Watson whereas Skinner and the like leaned towards operant conditioning…?

Their work is to keep lower tier employees like yourself in their miserable positions and make sure you don’t forget that you are a minion.


…so their job is cut out to ensure matakwo ya mbwoss yametimizwa?

Yes, but classical conditioning cannever be dismissed. They are all birds of the same feather. Although classical conditioning came earlier, in its practice, it appears to be practically a subset of operant conditioning. Much more like a section of it. Alternatively, Operant conditioning seems to build on the monumental ideas of classical methods

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@mlosi , kila kazi ina ugumu wake…probably someone is asking the same of ur profession

The trick is to let their words not sink in the brain. As long as I know my job description, their words just float on the periphery of my mind, not inside.

And operant conditioning does associate itself more with an organism’s(employee) behavior’s effect on the environment and vice versa.

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A HR manager is the one who fired me from my first (and last) salaried job.
I am never going back into employment. Never.

Employment? Do you know even when you are running your own hustle it’s still what keeps you employed?

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