The Holy Mess

Islam thinks Christianity is false

Hinduism believes Islam is false

Jews consider Hinduism as false

Well you get the drift

Atheists think everyone is thick

I think ya’ll need to go home and fuck or something, waiting for deliverance when you die

What is wrong with you?

n’ vice versa.


:D:D:D. Keep the village enthralled. Hard question must b asked.

The only role that is not disputed is that of the devil, in All cultures and religious points they catigate the devil the same way, and all agree of who he is irrigadless of place or thought, but will never agree on A God. In my view there is only one true Satan. #Atheism

But of course, away with the white religion and back to roots

Lucifer gave the people free will against God’s tyranny, cool mofo

Hail science

Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world.

Of the Jewish race not Afrikans