The HIGHLY corrupt President Trump filled the supreme court with biased Republican judges.

Said @Abba and his goons e.g @Kennedy Maina .

“Republicans are very corrupt!”


[SIZE=7]Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices[/SIZE]

President Joe Biden announced the formation of a commission last week to study the court’s structure, including the number of justices and their length of service.

Rulings on sensitive matters will always be 5 to 4. It doesnt matter whats before them. Those 5 brains are shut off. Clarence Thomas is the biggest traitor since Judas Iscariot.

So in short what you are saying is he ain’t black?






I hate that Clarance idiot . I hope he retires soon… there was a black man who was going to be hanged . He didn’t pull the trigger for murder but he gave false witness testimony in the 80s. Clarance refused to give a stay na hivyo tu the innocent man was executed . Very useless uncle tom

Just pack the damn court …if republicans win they can add upto 59 judges if they want

uko 70 years but you reason like a 2 year old. ghassiaaa