The happenings 10th Aug 2017

Uhuru will be declared the winner of the just concluded general elections with a huge majority

Raila will cry foul as usual

He will decline to take his issues to court, calling the judiciary “Coti bandia”

He will then call for mass action

Only his followers in Kisumu and Kibera will heed his call

The police will move in fast and crash the protests , in the process a number of civilians and police will be injured

a few days later, it will be business as usual

Raila will fold his tail between his legs and run to Bondo like the coward he is

Happy retirement baba

we will not miss you

Why was @Mundu Mulosi judged harshly when he voiced the same narrative and here you are looking for sympathy likes with the same line. Uchidwe, no one will kill no one.

Uhuru ata patia baba “2 hot slaps and a sweep”

not following
who is killing who ?
and where ?

Wavelength manenos

Its gonna be a rough ride for Muthamaki…People are not very happy with him…I wish him all the best though

All police vehicles zimejazwa diesel full tank! Bullet, check! Guns check!

Fanya fujo at your own risk.

Alshabab check, ied check, rocket propeller check

those alshabaab are being used by politicians.

Of course they are kenyans who are already armed

Jakuon ana kazi nzuri ya upinzani…tumsaidie kuendeleza hiyo taluma yake.

[MEDIA=facebook]1427539020658818[/MEDIA] Askari wako standby hatutaki violence raundi hii

Among those askaris are Luos,luhyas kambas, kisiis and so forth do not imagine for one second that all of them support the incompetent Uhuru

Unless they stage a coup, amri ni amri feelings watapelekea bibi zao jioni

Blame it on your slowness

akili yako imjaa minyoo , bloody kwayos
yani you can’t not comprehend such ?

pole sana

For now my advice to you is ‘kojoa ukalale’ we need your vote kesho.