The handle 'Mathice'....clarification..!!

I have noted with some concern that there are villagers who can’t take a simple joke. Life is too short for such seriousness.
Years ago, back in the village after attaining puberty, we used to roam the villages, mostly looking for girls.Conflict between us and boys from neighbouring villages was inevitable.It was therefore common to arm ourselves with huge clubs which we christened ‘Mathice’.The word has no sexual connotation and anyone taking it as such can only blame their imagination.

kwani mulikuwa muna thica wasichana hizi clubs.

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If the clubs were for ferking anyone, then they were meant for the boys in neighbouring villages, not their girls.For them we had the good old dick or whatever you choose to call it.

Mathice is clearly different from mathiche…the sound ‘che’ and ‘ce’ is clearly defined in kiuk.The former you read as in Swahili, the latter you can’t.


The club is called “mathiokore”, not mathice

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@aviator you have beaten me to that one. it was more for threatening the rivals than for inflicting actual bodily harm. for that we had nyahunyus for inflicting deterrent pain without breaking bones.

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It depends on where you grew up, kiuk is not uniform in all areas eg kiuk from kiambu, murang’a, nyeri, nyandarua, kirinyaga, embu, meru, rift valley all come with diffetrent variations like in english or even our local sheng.

Tht the word …wachana na huyu Mathicero

@Mathice, there is nothing like ‘che’ in kiuk language.

so hakuna Chege?


Cege, Ciru, cai, etc

Wee ebu wacha zako. Where I come from that should be pronounced as chege, shiru, shai etc

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Then you come from the wrong place

mathiokore was a big headed rungu while mathice had nails that seemed to be projecting from inwards simply looking like pricks.

now you get the difference.


the correct word is muthiokore