The guba guba

[li]As misery and and poverty continues to affect Zimbabwe, most of the citizens are leaving the country to the neighboring S Africa and Botswana.[/li][/ul]

Majority of them opt to use un gazzetted border points and that’s where they fall prey to guba gubas. These are hoodlums who wait at the no mans land to rob, beat, rape and even kill the hopeless border jumpers.

Unlucky you if you are accompanied by your wife, when they attack her and you protest they pin you to the ground, lay your wife ontop of you and rape her repeatedly. The horrors are just unimaginable.

So next time you say mugabe is the champion of Africa, pause and think of the trauma he is causing his people which won’t heal for generations.
Ni hayo tu.

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i usually say human beings ndo shetani

Just sad. I have interacted with some Zimbabweans, very nice chaps.


guba guba sounds like a name for a black american rapper

kama maisha ni ngumu hivyo they should kick out the old man

The real ruler saa hii ni the wife, Mugabe is just too senile.

They have funny names like “Sithole” , “Witness” ,“Evidence” "…But are good people.


you forgot Blessings, Favour, Hope…and so on…:D:D:D:D:D…

when in college in the 80s we had some zimbawean (read that as South Africans under the ANC African asistance program) students. that is when i first saw my first version of our very own @Female Perspective …she would ask for D and give out P to anyone in an age when sex wasn’t as liberal as it is today…she was an enigma…

Start from Tanzania heading south,very good people till you reach south Africa .But hapa katikati ,very very good human beings-malawi,Zimbabwe botswana,Zambia,Angola ,Namibia .

Then start from kenya heading upwards , Kenya is better ,Sudan and Ethiopia is bad and racists, Somalia worst, then when you reach Egypt they are the worst racists who believe Egypt isn’t in Africa but in middle east .

Also noted is the lower you go past kenya ,the richer the melanin pigmentation/darker pigmentation and the further north you go, the lighter the skin /melanin rich pigmentation …Special exception -South Sudan …don’t know what happened there :D:D


sijui kama ni Zimbabwe ama SA where chics from certain areas treat sex like a hand shake

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South Africans, some Angolans, Botswanans and Namibians are also not that dark.

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Compared to akina Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, northern Sudan Libya you can see the pattern. I’m not generalizing but talking from a pedestrian point of view:)

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wapi huko ni alert chairman Wa TM