The Great Replacement

Lets talk about the Great Replacment…

Msee wa HR unaongea nini?

Why would you want us to discuss it yet you haven’t said anything about the same?? It’s not a phrase we hear daily. If you had some brains then ungeambiana some interesting stuff about it ndo wasee wachangie. On a lighter note, salimia mamako

Kijana wa mum, worathis


Salimia babako @Agwambo na mamako @magreb .leo nakuja supper kisha niwadinye wote combi

A conspiracy theory that warns of white genocide. Picture the native americans or aborigines and how they were replaced by the whites.Now,iIn short,white nationalist fear an uprising by the non whites “replacing them” in a reverse colonialism-esque situation hence a call for a preemptive strikes e.g conspiracies involving bill gate’s vaccine to decimate non whites through impotencies

White race replacement iende chain chain. Whites replaced Aboriginals, Native Americans and even attempted to replace Africans, Indochinese etc. Their days of reckoning is coming soon. Slowly by slowly, Whites all over the world will become a minority. KARMA!

Is it really a theory or a reality?

I mean France is swarming with Arabs and Africans. Sweden is being swarmed with Arabs. The UK is being swarmed by Africans and Indians. The US is being swarmed by South Americans. Its starting to be a reality. Some states in the US have started having White minorities with Latinos being majority. No wonder Trump didnt want immigrants.

There have been calls to tighten the allowance of immigrants especially Africans in the UK.