The Great Announcement on 25th (your predictions please)

The one with the closest prediction will be made a mod on the 26th.
Twende kazi.
[SIZE=2]Just for a day[/SIZE]

A mod for just a day?
I wouldn’t predict anything else other than RWNEBP.

My prediction, NASA iko ndani ndaaani Ndaaaaaaaani Kabisa ya erections

guest chilobas new tallying formula.

Mganga has even been begging the US and EU to intervene on his behalf, from the kikombe fiasco, ‘they’ have seen his tactics and wish nothing to do with him. And with an eye already opened from the ICC… He will send his 'generals’to vote…hoping JP side have been ice frozen by his threats of violence.

Election ni lazima

When you hear the fork tongued rat talking peace, know that he is up to something. The last time he did this was just before the wakora 4 ruling coz he knew the outcome. I think this time, he has been promised an akombe act by chebukatinasa and they are waiting to see whether uhuru will sign the electoral laws

“Tumeona alugoruthm ingine (algorithm) ikipelekwa na majeshi anniversary towers . Fungueni hiyo aligorhythm tuone nini iko ndani .”

Chebukati will be tendering his resignation on that day…RAT will then hold a chest-thumping presser bragging that he knew what he was saying when he declared that there will be no ELEKSONS!

Something nonsensical like ida is pg

It is quite obvious. They will call for “adopt a polling station” goons. People will receive the copper anointing on the head. Chaos. People with guns on the street. Thankfully it will happen only in Nyanza.

Postponement of elections by the Commission.
55B (1) The Commission may, where a date has been appointed for holding an election, postpone the election in a constituency, county or ward for such period as it may consider necessary where—
(a) there is reason to believe that a serious breach of peace is likely to occur if the election is held on that date;
(b) it is impossible to conduct the elections as a result of a natural disaster or other emergencies,
(c) that there has been occurrence of an electoral malpractice of such a nature and gravity as to make it impossible for an election to proceed.
(2) Where an election is postponed under subsection (1), the election shall be held at the earliest practicable time.
B Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the Commission may, if satisfied that the result of the elections will not be affected by voting in the area in respect of which dates have been substituted direct that a return of the elections be made[/B]

Game of thrones…twende kazi

Jesus on a bicycle

Hiyo sasa is the most dreadful thing to ever happen, hope we pull through

No election

hapana tambua

Raila atajua hajui.

23rd October 2017 is the day.

23rd Monday expect a major announcement.

That there will be no elections on 26th.