The Grand Supper. Where was this?


Maybe kempinsky sasa crazy dude angetusaidia …

Why is there no lighting to that room.

Third man ndio angesaidia, he always had the photos that matter.

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only obeezy and auma look good, hao wengine inakaa hauwezi toa evidence ya maisha ngumu with sunday best clothes

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no wonder waiyaki way was on lockdown. battalion ya ma red berets imekua hapo entire week

It was Villa Rosa Kempinski. And that’s where the Prez slept. Daily Mail reported last night without hiding.

But I think guyz over estimate the power of al shabaab to hit POTUS, with its relatively large size, any internet or telephone chatter about POTUS would have been picked up early on. It is the lone wolf types who speak with themselves and voices in their heads that they should be worried about

Can’t see Baba anywhere …

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True…US intelligence had info on attacks like westgate …they would know of any impending danger

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POTUS’ enemies are not limited to Alshabab guys, remember USA has rubbed many people/countries the wrong way, North Korea ,the Ruszkis ,ISIS who would take advantage of a minute chance to eliminate him.

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When did you last hear of one taking place inside the US and don’t tell me 9 11

USA’s doesnt say that their intelligence gathering is 100% accurate but its very very good. stop criticising just for the sake of it , or do you know of any intel gathering techniques that can even detect the thoughts of a terrorist or as some1 called them the “lone wolves”?

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Babu akae kimya na angoje his 45 minutes of fame with Obama and since he’s meeting them in a group of 4, it will be around 11.25minutes.

if you factor in the time for their host to respond, ask for clarification, give instructions…he will be lucky to have four…

Huyo tunangoja kuona wasichana wake wakikojolea mti ya Obama.

for those interested Counting the cost is on in Aljazeera, they are examining washington and Beijing tussles in Africa following obama’s Nairobi visit

key talking points the SGR being built by china and expansion of ports in kenya