The Good Old Days

Whenever we discuss life in general, people have a tendency to talk about the “good old days”. This is a period of time in the past when life was good, things were easy, we were all relatively comfortable and happy and pure. But no such time has ever existed. Just ask anyone who has lived through it. There has always been conflict, corruption, poverty, bloodshed, immorality, and all the other problems we face today. We are just more aware of it now. Truth is life has always sucked and it will always suck to some extent. Even when we evolve to the point where you can download your consciousness into an indestructible android and effectively achieve immortality, life will still suck one way or another.

Perhaps there are aspects of the past that are better than what we have today, just as there are countless things in the modern world that are far superior to what our ancestors had. But overall, life has improved for mankind. We now live longer and know much more about our planet and ourselves than our ancestors. We can access vast amounts of information in seconds, we have cured many illnesses and developed treatments for others, we’ve been to outer space. The human race has come a long way in a relatively short time.

Now for some vintage pics.


[SIZE=5]Meffi thread. :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Wakanda moans for pity.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]What I do know is that in the old days there was no aggressive homosexuality.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In today’s world @Tom Bayeye has taken your hand in marriage and he even smooches you in public like a filthy heathen. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@King Robert Baratheon why are you ga.y???[/SIZE]

please close the cupboard behind you.:mad:

Shit black is hated, Hate also white

If a white person builds a swimming pool and says, “whites only”, the correct response is for a black man to build one and say, “blacks only”.

Will having their own pool end racism?

what we can learn from your post and especially the pictures, is that all other groups except the Blacks, which were mistreated, fought for their rights and are now heard/respected.
we must stand up for ourselves.

but also fighting to be in the pool won’t either.

So the proper response to being hung for voting would have been hanging a white person for voting, right?

create your own country and vote however you want to vote.
the Black Americans have tried fighting for their voice in America and are still not been heard/respected.

To create a new country you need resources. You can’t pull them out of thin air. You have to take them from someone who already has them. Ask the Kurds and Mombasa Republican Council how that worked out for them. But while we’re on the subject, how come Irish Americans, the first indentured slaves, were never told to go back to Ireland?

i dont know why they werent told to go back. any explanation?
and are they treated better than the Blacks? if so why?

racism will never end

No. But is the only way to instil respect. Any other weak minded retort will confirm your inferority and impotence, and will reiforce to others their belief that you are indeed inferior. Racism is inborn. It will NEVER go away.

The Irish stood firm and stood together in a country that hated them. Even when JFK was president it was still a bad thing to be Irish. Try going to Boston today and calling someone a Mick. They will kill you. But a black guy gets called a nigger and everyone including his fellow blacks tells him to put up or shut up. We lack cohesion and unity, instead of finding common ground we want to climb up on each other’s shoulders.

Wewe umeskia hata toothbrush hawawezi tengeneza:D

So the black guy who was hung for voting, they should have killed a white guy in retaliation to get “respect”?

so there is no way we will be respected if we cant respect and stand together.
so we are in this mess as long as we are alive. guess i have to make peace that we will always be the race that all their race will be picking on anyhow and anywhere they like.

sad life this one.

Yes. Racism is not stoppable. It is innate. You will be hated and others will prefer other people to you so long as you give off inferior vibes. The hard truth. Omba mungu asaidie waafrika wawe na kitu ambayo wazungu wanatuomba wakinyenyekea. Hapo they will treat you as equals. Vinginevyo, hata kufirwa tutafirwa.