The good old days

Not long ago the village was merciful. It could forget too. Those days are in the past. Talkers discuss among themselves the terror they face from the Crayon King…[ATTACH=full]132983[/ATTACH]

@Jiran hujaambiwa poa

Hii ndio imenifurahisha :D:D:D:D

Naona knock-knees pahali :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:DAti with an Iron crayon??

Utaiona soon, in drawing.

hehehe #ferkintrofart

nice one

@introvert aka the wisest open minded midget on the spot after finally meeting his match

Really good stuff.
Naona nikikujiwo…

You are squeezing spoilers out. shhhh!

We are finished. One crayon bandit was terror enough. Now we have 2.

Well done @Alchemist. Hii slum iko na real tarrent.
[SIZE=1]btw sijuangi kwanini machokosh wengi huwanga na talent ya kuchora.[/SIZE]

oops, my bad

Let me gather ammo so I’m not caught flat footed.

Finally ombi langu lajibiwa, @pseudonym njoo na popcorn

You really are a chieth beetle…hahah
Utajua hujui.

They are popping in the oven now my love.:slight_smile:
This is going to be epic.

Hehehehe, good stuff.

:D:D:D quite funny that tower of prominence