The ghosts that haunted my childhood

i remember back in the days when i was in class six, i had a very close friend let me call him Chris. There was one thing i never understood about life back in the days. You see, Chris used to come with a subaru legacy to school once in a while and i wondered how the parents could let such a young boy drive to school and also how could teachers not say a word about it (they lived like 300 metres from school). I came to learn that they were a very wealthy family and he was a spoilt brat. Those were the days when owning a car was a big deal. As i was asking for BMX rides which were customized to look like a comerela, Chris was busy balling with a subaru. We were so young to question some things but when i grew up i got to understand why.
Our school was an average mixed day and boarding and me and chris were lucky enough to attend the day schooling program. Chris did not live far from school but for me, i had to commute.
From school, i had to drive past a Freemason hall which had a barbed wire fence so anyone who was passing by could see what was going on in the compound.
At that age i knew that it was a satanic cult and every Friday as they had their meetings in the hall, i would peep my eyes out of the van as i was going home just to try and see what was going on inside the compound.
There was this Friday i peeped out of the van as usual to try and see inside the compound and i saw a black subaru legacy that chris had been driving in school. I could not believe my eyes and when i saw the number plate, i confirmed that it was surely the car. I remember the stories we used to hear as kids that the freemasons used to teleport to the middle of the ocean to have their meetings and this got me really scared knowing that my friend is associated to the cult.
Being a stupid boy that i was, the next day at school, i told a couple of friends that i saw Chris’ car in the Freemason hall and word went round the school. By the end of the day, everyone knew and it was not a secret where the word had come from.
I was super scared cause i knew that Chris might possess magical satanic powers and he could come for me. That day i didn’t even go for games and i hid in class. Chris knew where i was and he came and found me in the far corner of the class and stared at me. He looked straight into my eyes and said “…”


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